On Angling Day, all youngsters under 18 are welcome to fish free of charge in many recreational fishing areas of Metsähallitus!

The event is held in the beginning of the school summer holidays. Schools usually mark the end of the school year on the first Saturday of June, which means that the Angling Day is held on the second Saturday of the month. Each year the Angling Day attracts about 1,000 youngsters who are eager to test their fishing skills.

On Angling Day, there are areas where instructors of the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing are on hand, and areas where young people can try their fishing skills free of charge without assistance. The guided fishing destinations are open 10-15. In other destinations one can fish all day, as long as one signs up beforehand.

In 2019 the Angling Day is held on Saturday, June 8. Welcome!

NB! The list of fishing destinations might still be updated.

GUIDED DESTINATIONS 2018 (destinations of 2019 will be published later)

At the guided destinations the instructors of the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing help you to get started. All children and youngsters under 18 years of age can fish for free 10 AM - 3 PM. Just sign up to the person wearing an orange Metsähallitus vest  - they will give you a badge which is your fishing license for the day. Catch quota is 2 salmonids / child or youngster.

For more information, contact janne.rautanen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 0400 946 968

For more information, contact juha.ojaharju(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 045 113 3050

For more information, contact janne.tarkiainen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 044 547 9116

For more information, contact petter.nissen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 0500 440 923

other destinations 2018

In addition to the guided destinations, there are fishing spots for those wanting to fish without assistance. Children and youngsters and their guardians (1 person / child) can fish for free the whole day.

Please sign up beforehand by emailing to vapapaiva(a)metsa.fi or by sending an sms to 040 589 7559. Let us know your name, your guardian's name and the place you're planning to go fishing. You can sign up more than one person with the same message. Catch quota is 2 salmonids / child, 1 salmonid / adult. Please note that on Angling Day fishing is free only at the destinations mentioned below.

  • - Kittilä: Kapsajoki (2535)
  • - Kittilä: Pyhäjärvi (2525)
  • - Kolari, Muonio: Äkäsjoki and Kesänkijärvi (2510)
  • - Pello, Ylitornio: Miekojärvi (2520)
  • - Ranua: Simojoki yläosa (2580)
  • - Ranua: Simojärvi (2587)
  • - Rovaniemi: Meltausjoki (2561)
  • - Rovaniemi, Sodankylä: Raudanjoki (2563)
  • - Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi: Vikajoki (2567)
  • - Rovaniemi: Kemijoki (2568)
  • - Savukoski: Korvatunturi (3546)
  • - Savukoski: Nuorttijoki (3550)
  • - Lieksa: Ruunaa (7525)
  • - Suomussalmi: Yli-Vuokki (5505)
  • - Kuusamo: Oulankajoki (5572)
  • - Posio, Pudasjärvi: Livojoki (2599)
  • - Posio: Livojärvi (2595)
  • - Taivalkoski: Kylmäluoma (4525)
  • - Suomussalmi: Hossa (5502)

In addition: Eastern Lapland (3410), Western Lapland (2410), Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu (5411), Southern Finland (7413) and Sea Areas (7412).

Angling Day is organized by Metsähallitus and the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing.

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