On Angling Day and Winter Angling Day, under 18s get to go fishing for free at a number of Metsähallitus recreational fishing destinations. Angling Day is normally held on the first Saturday of the summer holidays, and every year sees the participation of around 1000 young anglers from all over Finland. Winter Angling Day takes place during the skiing holiday (mid-term break).

Angling Day, 6 June 2020

*Information about Angling Day 2020 will be published in April*

On Angling Day, Metsähallitus opens up over 30 fishing locations to children and young people. At some of the locations there will be instructors from the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing (SVK), and at the other locations children can fish independently together with their guardian.

AT THE LOCATIONS WITH INSTRUCTORS, fishing is free to all under 18s between 10am and 3pm. There is no need to register for the event beforehand – you can simply go on the day to the SVK instructor who will give you a badge which functions as a fishing permit. The instructors can also offer advice and tips, where needed, to help the young anglers to get going. The first to arrive will receive a special Angling Day fishing lure from Kuusamon Uistin! These locations will also hold a light-hearted fishing competition, for which the winners will receive their prizes at 3pm there at the location.

On Angling Day, only under 18s are allowed to fish at the locations between the hours above. The quota for each young angler is two salmonids. Sale of permits for adults continues after the event ends, at 3pm.

AT OTHER LOCATIONS, you can fish for free on Angling Day for the whole day (24h). These locations do not provide instruction or other organised activities. For these locations, you should register beforehand by sending the name of the young person and their guardian and the location where you intend to go fishing either by email to vapapaiva(a)metsa.fi or by text message to 040 720 5963. The same message can include the names of several young people and their guardians. The messages are not responded to individually.

The guardian accompanying the young person (1 per child or youth) may also fish for free in these locations because they are acting as the instructor for the young person. The fishing quota for each young angler is two salmonids, and for the guardians one salmonid. Please note that fishing is free only in the locations listed below.

Locations with an instructor present from 10am to 3pm

Please read the instructions above before your fishing trip! This year some of the locations have a theme, which means you get to try this particular fishing method instructed. You are of course allowed to fish with other methods, as well, as long as they are generally allowed in the location.

For more information, contact janne.rautanen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 0400 946 968

For more information, contact juha.ojaharju(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 045 113 3050

For more information, contact janne.tarkiainen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 044 547 9116

For more information, contact petter.nissen(at)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, p. 0500 440 923

Locations where you can fish independently during the whole day

Please read the instructions above before your fishing trip!

Also included are Metsähallitus’s wider permit areas: Eastern Lapland (3410), Western Lapland (2410), Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu (5411), Southern Finland (7413) and Sea Areas (7412).


The greatest fishing event of the summer, the Angling Day (Vapapäivä), was in 2019 followed by the Winter Angling Day (Pilkkivapapäivä). The Winter Angling Day will be celebrated also in 2020 in six locations around Finland during the mid-term break.

At these events, young people aged under 18 can fish for free. The quota for each angler is two salmonids.

Adults can purchase a fishing permit following the usual methods, for example in the webshop. Please note that mobile permits, which were purchased by calling to a specific number, are no longer available due to mobile network operator’s decision not to provide the current service anymore. All Winter Angling Day locations are special fishing destinations that require a separate permit even for ice fishing.

Fishing mentors from the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing will be on hand to guide youngsters to the secrets of ice fishing. If you don’t have your own equipment, the organisers will have a limited number of rods for you to borrow. Hot drinks and sausages will also be served to young anglers!

Winter Angling Day locations in 2020

Lammi (Evo), Niemisjärvet Lakes on Saturday 22 February 9 AM -  3 PM
Teijo, Lake Matildanjärvi on Saturday 22 February 9 AM -  3 PM

Contact person: Janne Rautanen, janne.rautanen(a)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, 0400 946968

Kinnula, Lake Heikinlampi on Saturday 22 February 9 AM -  3 PM
Contact person: Juha Ojaharju, juha.ojaharju(a)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, 045 113 3050

Mikkeli, Lake Valkeajärvi on Wednesday 26 February 9 AM -  3 PM
Contact person: Janne Tarkiainen, janne.tarkiainen(a)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, 044 547 9116

Kuhmo, Lake Syväjärvi on Tuesday 3 March 9 AM -  3 PM
Sievi, Lake Maasydänjärvi on Saturday 7 March 9 AM -  3 PM

Contact person: Petter Nissen, petter.nissen(a)vapaa-ajankalastaja.fi, 0500 440 923

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Angling Day is organized by Metsähallitus and the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing