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Lake Hoikanlampi is an easily accessible local fishing destination in Kajaani that is open for everyone. Its convenient location makes the lake an excellent place to arrange fishing events for children and young people. Hoikanlampi is also a great place for beginners who want to start fishing on their own.

Just over five hectares in area, Hoikanlampi is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kainuu Brigade and is easy to reach using public transport or by bicycle. The lake has a fitness trail, a campfire site, an outhouse, pier, and children’s play area, which make it a great hiking destination for the entire family. Finland’s national fish is the perch, and it’s definitely the top catch at Hoikanlampi!

Metsähallitus and fishing associations in the area want to cooperate to give children, young people and everyone with an interest in fishing the opportunity to try catching perch near the city. You don’t always have to leave Kajaani to go fishing!


Location and services


Hoikanlampi is a pleasant bicycle ride from the city centre and cycling paths lead directly to the lake. You can also get to Hoikanlampi using public transport. The Kajaani Public Transport buses running along line 3 to the Brigade stop near the lake. The schedules and route maps are available at the Kajaani Public Transport website ( (in Finnish).

If you come in your own car, there’s a parking area beside the main gate to the Brigade (Prikaatintie 105). During the summer, there is also space for a few cars along Prikaatintie on the eastern side of the lake. Please note that parking in the yards of the homes located near the lake is not allowed without permission from the owners.


A trail circles the lake, which also has a campfire site, shelter and outhouses. Hoikanlampi has a pier, children’s play area and an unofficial swimming beach. The water is not tested, and swimming in the lake takes place at your own risk. 

The shelter is intended for short-term hiking use when eating snacks or seeking protection from the rain. Overnight stays are not allowed. There is no firewood maintenance, so you should bring your own wood if you want to build a campfire. Some service stuctures are in bad condition and will be repaired and partly pulled down in 2019 and 2020. Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd is responsible for the service structures at Lake Hoikanlampi.


You can check the map for the area in the service (

To see the parking areas and bus stops in the area, please download Hoikanlampi's map here (PDF, 405 kb).

Hoikanlampi's map.

Information for fishers

Catches and fisheries management

The lake is not stocked regularly, but the fish population is supplemented occasionally by transferring large perch from other lakes located nearby. This means that catching one of our national fish is possible – or even likely! Along with perch, the fish stock in Hoikanlampi includes cyprinids and pike. The water quality in Hoikanlampi is good and all the fish that you catch can be eaten.

Fishing permits

Fishing at Hoikanlampi is subject to general fishing rights and is permitted all year round. Anyone can fish with a hook and line or ice fish without a separate permit. Lure fishing with one rod and lure is free of charge for anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 65. People aged 18-64 can fish with a lure after paying the fisheries management fee.

Fishing according to general fishing rights may be temporarily limited in conjunction with events. The upcoming events are listed later on this page.

Fishing regulations

The following fishing regulations must be observed at Hoikanlampi:

  • Fishing is permitted with angling gear (hook and line, ice fishing, lure, fly).
  • A fisher may use a single rod in hook and line fishing and ice fishing or a fly rod. Fishing with several rods is not permitted. All types of trap fishing are also forbidden.
  • Use of natural and artificial bait is permitted.
  • The use of a boat, float tube or any other watercraft is forbidden.
  • There is no catch limit. However, please remember to only catch the amount of fish that you can use. You can also release your catch.
  • We recommend that all perch longer than 35 cm be released.

Please respect your catch and ensure that edible fish are processed appropriately. Read guidelines for responsible fishing.

Please take other fishers and recreational users near the lake into consideration during your fishing trip. The more the merrier!


Events at Hoikanlampi are held by associations like Kainuun vapaa-ajankalastajat (Recreational fishers of Kainuu) and Kainuun kalatalouskeskus (Kainuu fisheries centre). 

Would you like to arrange a fishing event at Hoikanlampi? Contact fishing instructor Matti Kulju from the Kainuun vapaa-ajankalastajien organisation (050 3697667, matti.kulju(a) or Executive Manager Jaakko Muurimäki from Kainuun kalatalouskeskus (0440 946557, jaakko(a)

The perch is Finland’s national fish – and the top catch at Hoikanlampi!

The perch has been designated as Finland’s national fish – and for good reason! Finland’s most common fish can be found is nearly all parts of the country. The first fish a Finn catches is often a striped perch. 

The perch is a rewarding species because it can be caught all year round and the equipment is inexpensive. An ordinary hook and line or ice fishing rod is a great way to start.

Perch stocks are strong in many waters and there are plenty of fish to catch. However, the release of large perch over 35 cm in length is recommended. Large fish are valuable in terms of maintaining the vitality of fish stocks, because they produce more viable offspring than their smaller compatriots. Perch that weigh less than 500 g are the tastiest to eat in any case, so the largest perch are more beneficial when left in their own home waters!

Read more about perch fishing ( (in Finnish).

Wildlife tutors

A wildlife tutor is a keen and responsible wilderness, hunting or fishing enthusiast who teaches children and youngsters how to embrace the wilderness. Would you like to become a wildlife tutor?

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