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Seal hunting is a very demanding and time consuming form of hunting, and also subject to the vagaries of weather. According to Article 7 of the Hunting Act, everyone with a permanent residence in Finland has the right to hunt in Finnish public waters.

The grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) and the Baltic ringed seal (Pusa hispida botnica) can be hunted from 16 April until the end of December in accordance with the decrees issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry within the limits of regional quotas, with hunting being interrupted once the quota has been filled up.

The filling of the quota is monitored on the basis of catch reports. The catch of a grey seal or Baltic ringed seal must be reported to the Finnish Wildlife Agency no later than on the third working day.

Foreigner’s hunting permit for seals

A foreigner may participate in hunting for grey and Baltic ringed seals in Finland's public waters under certain conditions: the foreign hunter must pay the Finnish game management fee be accompanied by a Finnish hunter. In addition, the hunter must obtain a seal hunting permit from Metsähallitus. Such a seal hunting permit may be issued for a week.

The foreigner’s seal hunting permit enables and facilitates cooperation between Finns and Swedes in seal hunting.

Purchasing information

The seal hunting season begins on 16 April and ends on 31 December.

A foreigner's weekly permit costs EUR 15 (EUR 35 from 1 January 2024). The weekly permit is valid for seven days, with the hunter being able to decide the starting time.


The service is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. You can also contact us by email: eraluvat(a)

Prior to purchasing a hunting permit, you should read the Metsähallitus’ terms of purchase and cancellation for permit.


Public water areas

Public water areas are Finnish territorial sea waters and large lakes. Public water areas and the bottoms of watercourses are the property of the Finnish government.

Read more about public water areas on the Metsähallitus ( website.