Lake Kesänkijärvi 2571

Lake Kesänkijärvi is nestled in the heart of the magnificent Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The lake is easily accessible and suitable for example for family trips. You can park your car right next to the lake, and all services of Äkäslompolo village are nearby.

Stocking of rainbow trout takes place approximately four times a year. There is also whitefish in Lake Kesänkijärvi.  Ice fishing is a popular winter activity, and in summer you can fish either from the shore or from a boat.

Lake Kesänkijärvi

Recreational fishing (angling)
Calendar year
Casting, Angling, Fly fishing, Ice fishing, Trolling, Lure fishing
Rainbow trout, Whitefish, Perch
Catch size fish stocking
Lean-to shelter, Boat launching, Rental boat, Campfire site

Target map

Ei karttaa tällä hetkellä Lapland, Kolari

Buying a license


Permit type Price
Day 15 €
3 hours 10 €

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50 % discount on the permits.

A family permit is also available for this destination. In this context, a family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents/legal guardians. Married couples and couples in a civil union may also purchase family permits. The family permit costs twice as much and its fishing quota is twice as large.

Mobile permits become available soon.


You can buy licences directly from the online store and pay using the
most common payment methods.



Metsähallitus' fishing licences may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.



Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas
Tunturitie 54, Äkäslompolo
tel. +358 20 639 7039


Licensens remaining / free days
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Licence terms

Regional licensing terms

Calendar year
  • Each angler may use up to two rods or lines at a time, which must remain within the angler's reach at all times.
  • The use of motor boats (including electric outboard motors) is prohibited in Lake Kesänkijärvi.

Catch quotas

Permit type Catch quota
Day 2 salmonids
3 hours 1 salmonid

Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at All caught and released fish must also be reported.

Catch sizes

All forms of trout are protected and must be released.