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Hook and line fishing and ice angling are general fishing rights and do not require a fishing permit as defined in the Fishing Act. General fishing rights only entitle the angler to use one rod at a time when hook and line fishing, ice angling and fishing with a simple herring rig.

Fishing waters may be leased from Metsähallitus by private persons, businesses, associations and joint ownership associations. The water area to be leased can be an individual pond or even part of a larger lake.

Permits for professional fishing guides are issued by Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres). The permit entitles the holder to organise activities related to fishing tourism, where up to six anglers at a time participate in hook and line fishing, ice angling or lure fishing.

Fishing supervision is one of the tasks performed by Metsähallitus. Fishing supervision is carried out in an effort to ensure the sustainable, diverse management of Finland's fish resources, the natural life cycle of fish stocks, and the protection of aquatic biodiversity.

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