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Frequently asked questions about snowmobiling

Is the permit tied to a certain snowmobile and does the permit application require the snowmobile's registration document? 

The track permit is personal. The application requires the following information: name, address and post code. Any snowmobile you use must have valid vehicle insurance and it must be registered.

Where can I drive with the track permit? 

The track permit grants its holder the right to drive a snowmobile on marked snowmobile tracks within areas controlled by Metsähallitus in all of Finland during the snow-covered period. 


Do I need a driver's licence to drive a snowmobile? 

Traffic on snowmobile routes is subject to the Road Traffic Act. A snowmobile driver on these routes must be at least 15 years of age and have a T-class driver's licence. The age limit also applies to driving a snowmobile in terrain, outside of the routes. 

Can I drive on roads? 

A snowmobile is an off-road vehicle and it is intended for driving in terrain; as a rule, driving a snowmobile on roads is prohibited. Driving is also prohibited on roads that have not been plowed and cleared of snow. 

However, a snowmobile may be temporarily driven on roads in the event that moving in the terrain is unduly difficult due to terrain conditions or transportation duties. When doing so, the driver must primarily use the part of the road that is not plowed. When driving a snowmobile on roads, the speed limit is 40 km/h and if the snowmobile is connected to a sled, for example, the sled cannot have passengers on-board. 

Can I deviate from the track? 

Deviating from the track without a separate permit is only allowed on ice-covered water areas.

What is the highest speed limit for a snowmobile? 

The highest speed limit for snowmobiles in terrain and on routes is 60 km/h. On ice-covered water areas the speed limit is 80 km/h, except on routes on ice-covered water areas, where the limit is 60 km/h. If you are pulling a sled with people on-board, the speed limit is 40 km/h.

Is the use of a helmet mandatory? 

A crash helmet must be worn both in terrain and on the snowmobile routes. This also applies to passengers under 15 years of age. The driver of the snowmobile is responsible for ensuring that underage passengers wear a helmet. 

I've heard that the track permit is not required in some municipalities of Lapland. Is this true? 

The track permit grants the right to drive on snowmobile tracks controlled by Metsähallitus. In some municipalities in Lapland there might be tracks maintained by snowmobile clubs or municipalities, and driving on these tracks doesn't require a track permit issued by Metsähallitus. You can check the ownership of the tracks and whether a permit is required in the track charts.

What is a "family permit"? 

When you purchase a personal track permit for the entire season, it also extends to the other members of your family. In this context, a family consists of parents and children under 18 years of age who live in the same household. The names of the family members who use the permit are written on the permit. Please note that a snowmobile may be operated in terrain by a person who is at least 15 years of age. 

Which permit grants me the right to drive in wilderness areas? 

The track permit grants the right to drive on the marked Metsähallitus' snowmobile tracks in wilderness areas. To drive outside of the tracks, you need a separate off-road traffic permit, which can be issued for a justified need, such as driving to a property you own or that you have rented. These permits are not available for recreational snowmobiling.


Can I deviate from a marked snowmobile route to drive to a cabin I own or that I have rented? What kind of permit do I need and where can I get one? 

If the property has a registered easement, it can be driven to without a separate permit. In the event that there is no easement, the real estate holder needs permission from the landowner. 

Where can I apply or buy a permit?

You can buy a track permit online (, by phone +358 20 69 2424, at Metsähallitus service points or from third party permit vendors. Track permit is also available in Eräluvat mobile application which is published in 2020.

Off-road traffic permit can be applied online (, by phone +358 20 69 2424 or at Metsähallitus service points.

Where can I get track charts? 

You can find charts for snowmobile tracks controlled by Metsähallitus from the page Snowmobile tracks and routes.