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28.12.2022 Aku Ahlholm

More than 500 nature visitors required intervention

For the first time, Metsähallitus wilderness supervision has monitored the results of its work in real time throughout the year. The new system reveals that 368 people violated the law while in nature, and 169 people were caught without necessary permits.

18.11.2022 Aku Ahlholm

Fisheries management fee for 2023 can now be purchased

Next year’s fisheries management fee is now available in the Eräluvat web shop, app and service number +358 20 69 2424, in R-kioski convenience stores and nature centres. The Government decided on Thursday that the fisheries management fee for the entire year will be EUR 47.

14.10.2022 Lotta Kirvesmies

Wilderness passport assignments have been updated

The updated Wilderness Pass assignments have now been published. Wilderness passports are wilderness education materials intended for schools and clubs that make it easy for teachers to teach children about Finnish nature and outdoor culture.