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29.02.2024 Aku Ahlholm

Wilderness crime was on the rise

Last year, there were more instances of fishing without a permit and more use of illegal means of hunting large predators, reveals the wilderness supervision report published today by Metsähallitus. Wilderness supervision inspected nearly 7,000 people during the year. The inspections resulted in 520 measures: 57 cases were referred for pre-trial investigation and 463 resulted in more lenient measures.

27.10.2023 Aku Ahlholm

Fisheries management fees have been purchased for nearly EUR 10 million

Fishers have been significantly more scrupulous in paying the statutory fisheries management fee than last year. This year, people from Lapland, Kainuu and North Karelia have paid the most in fisheries management fees in proportion to the population. People from Uusimaa paid relatively the smallest amount in fisheries management fees, but the most in volume.