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Hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig are general fishing rights and do not require a fishing permit as defined in the Fishing Act.

Under the Fishing Act, angling means fishing with one rod and hook without a reel suitable for spinning and without a lure. Under the same act, ice fishing means fishing with a short rod and a vertically moved jig attached to a line.

General fishing rights only entitle the angler to use one rod at a time in any of the aforementioned fishing methods. Fishing simultaneously with more than one rod always requires payment of the fisheries management fee (applies to anglers 18–69 years of age) and permission from the owner of the water area. Fishers who have reached the age of 65 or more by 31 December 2023 are an exception: they do not have to pay the fee.


Both hook and line fishing and ice fishing are prohibited in the rapids and shoots of waterways with migratory fish stocks and in certain other water areas where fishing has been prohibited on other grounds. 

ELY Centres may also prohibit hook and line fishing and ice fishing in certain special areas. In several rod fishing destinations controlled by Metsähallitus, ice fishing and hook and line fishing also require a permit.

Check the restricted areas:

  • Areas where you need a separate fishing permit also for hook and line fishing and ice fishing, or where fishing is prohibited. Unfortunately the service is available only in Finnish and in Swedish.
  • Permit areas of Metsähallitus. You might need a separate fishing permit also for hook and line fishing and ice fishing, or they might be prohibited. Choose "Map layers", "Hunting and fishing", "Fishing areas" and "Angling".