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A wildlife tutor is a keen and responsible wilderness, hunting or fishing enthusiast who wants to teach children and youngsters how to embrace wilderness. The aim is to encourage children and young people to hike in the wilderness and feel at home in nature so that they learn to respect it and become aware of the principles of sustainable fishing and hunting. This can be achieved by providing children and youngsters with a chance to meet experienced wilderness experts who can familiarise them with the topic by means of physical outdoor activity.

All responsible outdoor enthusiasts who want to share their experiences, knowledge and skills with children and young people are welcome to serve as wildlife tutors. Metsähallitus provides the wildlife tutor with material and support and advises them in how to start the activity. Even though individuals, too, can join the activity, we would be particularly pleased to have associations as wildlife tutors.

Would you like to become a wildlife tutor or invite a tutor for a visit?

Would you like to become a wildlife tutor? Would your association be prepared to arrange a wilderness camp for children in your area? Or would you like to show children and youngsters of the nearby school the wonders of wilderness? Are you a teacher who would like to invite a wildlife tutor to meet your students? If your answer is yes, please contact us.

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Ethical principles guiding Wildlife Tutoring

1. The Wildlife Tutor respects nature.

2. The Wildlife Tutor talks positively about all natural creatures and welcomes all nature enthusiasts.

3. The Wildlife Tutor does not use negative terms, such as “rough fish” or stir up fear or hatred of specific species.

4. The Wildlife Tutor does not emphasise the size of the catch or prey or tell hunting stories filled with gruesome details.

5. For the Wildlife Tutor, hunting and fishing are an essential part of Finnish cultural traditions.

6. It is not the task of the Wildlife Tutor to advertise hunting or fishing as a recreational activity but to tell about the love of nature and the fascination of experiencing the wilderness.

7. The Wildlife Tutor represents all Finns pursuing hunting and fishing as a leisure time activity. The Wildlife Tutor is neutral, adheres to facts and emphasises responsibility, ethical practices and good hunting ethics.

8. The Wildlife Tutor is responsible for safety at all times.