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Hunting moose is strictly regulated in Finland. In addition to the hunting right on a minimum of a 1000-hectare area, a specific hunting license provided by the Finnish Wildlife Agency is needed.

Most commonly moose hunting is done by groups of hunters. The hunt is organized by a responsible leader who quite often is the person who has applied for the necessary licenses and permits.

For foreign hunters, the most convenient way to hunt moose is to find a Finnish hunter who invites them to participate in moose hunting as a guest. For this purpose, Wildlife Service Finland sells day permits for moose hunting. However, these permits can only be bought by the hunting group leader who has the hunting right to a certain moose hunting area.

For more information about moose hunting in Finland, please contact our customer service:


The service is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. You can also contact us by email: eraluvat(a)


Please note that Wildlife Service Finland does not organize hunts and cannot provide the direct contact details of the hunting right owners due to the EU General Data Protection Regulations.