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State-owned waters make commercial fishing activities possible in most regions of Finland. Persons intending to fish commercially must apply for a separate commercial fishing permit from Metsähallitus' Game and Fisheries Planner. 

All commercial fishing permits and lease agreements for state-owned waters expired at the end of 2019. Permits for the period 2020–2024 were granted in 2019.

Application periods are announced on this page. Between the application periods you may contact the Metsähallitus personnel listed below and ask for commercial fishing permits and waters that may still be available.

Within the Finnish economic region and in the Finnish public waters in the Baltic Sea simply paying the fisheries management fee grants the right to commercial fishing. Persons under 18 or over 65 years of age may fish commercially without paying the fisheries management fee. Waters for the purposes of salmon or trout catching are an exception, as they are leased for maximum five years at a time for commercial fishers with an operator-specific salmon quota.

Within inland public waters a separate permit is always required for commercial fishing. Permits for the period 2020–2024 were granted in 2019.

Additional application periods may be announced for certain water areas also between the official application periods.

Application periods

Metsähallitus invited applications for commercial fishing permits for 2020-2024. The application period ended on 13 September 2019.

Between the application periods you may contact the Metsähallitus personnel listed below and ask for commercial fishing permits and waters that may still be available.

For more information about the water areas, please contact the Game and Fisheries Planners:

  • Lapland (excluding Inari, Utsjoki and Enontekiö): Markku Vierelä, +358 206 39 7150
  • Northern Lapland: Jarmo Huhtamella, +358 206 39 7717
  • Ostrobothnia–Kainuu: Pasi Korhonen, +358 206 39 6066
  • Northern Ostrobothnia, Northeastern Finland and sea areas north from Kalajoki: Eero Hartikainen, +358 206 39 6178
  • Eastern Finland, inland water areas: Eetu Karhunen, +358 206 39 4241
  • Western Finland, inland water areas: Olli Urpanen, +358 206 39 5056
  • Sea areas south from Kokkola: Mikko Malin, +358 206 39 4637
  • Email addresses: firstname.lastname(a)

Application forms and instructions

Commercial fishing permit is applied with an application form which should be signed and posted to the registry office of Metsähallitus. The address is written on the application form.

Application form - Commercial fishing 2020-2024 (PDF, 326 kb)
Application form - To lease salmon and trout fishing sites (PDF, 325 kb)

Instructions for commercial fishing 2020-2024 (PDF, 657 kb)
Instructions for leasing salmon and trout fishing sites (PDF, 652 kb)

Principles for granting permits

Based on the decision by The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), commercial fishers are divided into two groups. Fishers in Group I are prioritised over commercial fishers in Group II when granting permits. Local fishers are also given priority. An applicant's locality is considered on the basis of their municipality of residence.

The applicant's other fishing opportunities may also affect the granting of a permit, e.g. the possibility to fish in the waters of a joint-ownership association. The applicant's fishing opportunities are considered as a whole when considering the application. If the applicant has previous fishing experience in the area, it is viewed favourably. 

In addition to the obligations detailed in the permit terms, all permits include the obligation to make catch reports to Metsähallitus. Permits may be voided due to misuse or illegal activity, or due to changes in legislation during the permit period.

Failing to use a granted commercial fishing permit without good reason reduces the applicant's chances of being granted permits in the future. One of the goals of granting permits is to have them be used as intended. 


The prices of commercial fishing permits are set by a Decree from the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The prices are listed per trap per calendar year.

Trap or net Price per calendar year (as of 1 jan 2022)
Seine net 150 €
Fyke net or fish trap (max height 1,5 m) 12 €
Large fyke net (height 1,5-5 m)  80 €
Large fyke net (height over 5 m)  170 €
Trawl net a) max length 300 m, b) length over 300 m a) 250 €
b) 500 €
Net (max length 31 m), crayfish trap, fish trap (3 traps), 10 bait hooks and longline with max 100 hooks 5 €

Further information

More information and guidance related to commercial fishing permits is provided by the Metsähallitus personnel.

  • Northern Lapland: game and fisheries planner Jarmo Huhtamella
  • Lapland (excluding Inari, Utsjoki and Enontekiö): game and fisheries planner Markku Vierelä
  • Northern Ostrobothnia, Koillismaa (Northeastern Finland) and sea areas north from Kalajoki: game and fisheries planner Eero Hartikainen
  • Kainuu: game and fisheries planner Eero Hartikainen 
  • Eastern Finland, inland waters: game and fisheries planner Eetu Karhunen
  • Western Finland, inland waters: game and fisheries planner Veijo Honkanen
  • Sea areas south from Kokkola: specialist Mikko Malin