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Finland is covered by a network of official snowmobile routes with a total length of 3 800 kilometres. These routes are roads as defined in the Road Traffic Act and their use is thus free of charge. They are intended specifically for snowmobile traffic.

In addition, there are snowmobile tracks that are unofficial routes. Driving on them requires either a personal or family snowmobile track permit, which is issued by Metsähallitus. 

In Lapland, there are 2 935 kilometres of snowmobile routes and 5 000 kilometres of snowmobile tracks. In Northern Ostrobothnia the routes run for 450 km and there is 1 000 km of tracks. In Northern Savonia there is 390 km of routes and 800 km of tracks. In Northern Karelia there is approximately 1 500 km of snowmobile tracks that are up to the quality standards of snowmobile routes.

If you are snowmobiling within the reindeer husbandry area, check Porotyö (in Finnish) for up-to-date information on where the husbandry activities are taking place.

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kelkkailureitit ja urat

Map 03

Map 04

Map 05

Map 07

Map 08

Savukoski Sodankylä Salla

Map 09

Pelkosenniemi Savukoski

Map 10

Map 11

Salla Kuusamo Kemijärvi

Map 12

Rovaniemi Pelkosenniemi Sodankylä

Map 13

Kolari Pello Ylitornio Rovaniemi

Map 14

Rovaniemi Ylitornio Tervola Ranua

Map 15

Kemijärvi Rovaniemi Ranua Posio

Map 16

Ranua Tervola Simo Ii Rovaniemi

Map 17

Simo Ii Oulu Pudasjärvi

Map 18

Ranua Pudasjärvi Taivalkoski Posio

Map 19

Pudasjärvi Puolanka Suomussalmi Taivalkoski

Map 20

Taivalkoski Suomussalmi Kuusamo Puolanka Pudasjärvi

Map 21

Pudasjärvi Puolanka Hyrynsalmi Ristijärvi Paltamo

Map 22

Puolanka Hyrynsalmi Ristijärvi Suomussalmi

Map 23

Kuhmo Suomussalmi Hyrynsalmi

Map 24

Ristijärvi Paltamo Sotkamo Kuhmo

Map 25

Kuhmo Lieksa Sotkamo