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It is easier to buy wilderness permits with Eräluvat mobile app, especially when you already know where you are going and you want to get the permit quickly and easily. For more information about the permit areas, the range of permits available and the permit conditions, visit the websites of the permit areas at erä You can search for permit areas at ‘Find your dream destination’.

A fishing inspector or a game and fisheries warden can also check the validity of your permit from Eräluvat app. In addition to the permits purchased with the app, you can also view the permits that you have purchased in our webshop as a logged-in customer.

You can only pay with card in the application. The app is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. To keep your application up to date, update your application regularly.

The following permits can be purchased with Eräluvat app:

  • Fisheries management fee
  • Fishing permits of Metsähallitus:
    • angling permits (with the exception of permit areas to which strict quotas apply)
    • trap permits
  • Metsähallitus' track permits for snowmobiling
  • Metsähallitus' permit for brown bear hunting
  • Metsähallitus' guest permit for moose hunting

Please note that

  • you must log in before making purchases with Eräluvat app
  • you can only buy permits for your own use
  • you must pay the permit when you purchase it.

All permits listed above can also be purchased in the Eräluvat webshop (


Using Eräluvat app

You can download Eräluvat app in Play Store (for Android phones) and in App Store (for iOS phones). You can find the app in the store by entering ‘eräluvat’ as the search word.


  1. Open the app that you have installed.
  2. Log into the app using your Eräluvat webshop ID. If you do not have a user ID, you can create it in the webshop ( Click the figure or ‘log in’ in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one in the webshop.
  3. Enter you user ID and password in the app.


  1. Go to the front page and select the permit you would like to buy. Click 'Lisätietoa' (‘Read more’) for additional information about the permit.
  2. The fisheries management fee and track permit is valid nationwide, and you only need to select the duration of fee.
  3. When purchasing an angling permit or a trap permit, first select the destination (permit area). You can search for the permit area by name or number. Then select the duration and start date for the permit. Your selections depend on the type of permit you are purchasing.
    1. Click the i symbol to read more about the destination at Erä In the view that opens, you can see a map of the permit area, catch quotas, minimum catch sizes and other permit terms.
  4. When purchasing a bear hunting permit, first select the permit area.
  5. When purchasing a guest permit for moose hunting, please contact first the hunting group leader who has the hunting right to a certain moose hunting area. S/he will provide you with a code you need in order to buy a guest permit.
  6. Use the heart icon to mark a destination as a favourite so that you can find it more quickly next time.
  7. Next, the app shows the price of your purchases. Select ‘Pay’. Select the payment method from the list and select "Confirm".
  8. The terms of purchase and cancellation for the webshop also apply to Eräluvat app. Select Read the terms and conditions and click ‘Pay’.
  9. Enter the details of your payment card (credit or debit card). The card details are saved in the app when you make your first purchase and you do not need to enter them again next time. However, you must give the card security code every time you make purchases with Eräluvat app. Also your bank might require you to verify your purchase. After payment, you'll be back in the app automatically.
  10. After you have confirmed the payment, you can see your purchases on ‘My permits’. If the permit does not appear on the list, scroll the view downwards so that the view will be updated. A receipt for the purchase will also be sent to your email address.

other app content

My permits

Here you can view the permits that you have purchased, and you can also use this feature to show that they are in effect. Fishing permits and other permits are shown on their own tabs. Click the heart icon to view destinations that you have saved as favourites.

The app also shows the permits that you have purchased in the webshop as a logged-in customer in the current year and in the preceding year. Thus, fisheries management fee paid at R-Kiosk is not show in the app.

A permit that you have purchased for somebody else in the Eräluvat webshop is shown in your app but not in the permit holder’s app.


Here you can read the latest from Erä Click the headline to read more.

My Eräluvat app

Here you can delete your payment card details, give feedback on the app, choose the language, read the privacy statement or search for contact details of Wildlife Service Finland personnel.