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Regional permits for fishing guides granted by ELY Centres (Section 18, Fishing Act 379/2015)

In order to secure the operating conditions of fishing tourism, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) may grant a permit for organising events related to fishing tourism where up to six anglers at a time participate in hook and line fishing, ice fishing or lure fishing. This permit may cover all of the ELY Centre's operating area or only a part of it. The permit is applied for in writing and it may be granted if the sustainability of the area's fish stocks allows it. The permit may be valid for up to five years at a time. 

ELY Centres may also impose regional fishing restrictions or catch quotas on the permits. This type of permit costs €100/calendar year and it is to be paid via the Eräluvat service number after the permit has been granted.