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Terms of use

Service description

These Terms of Use are applied to the use of the online service produced and operated by Wildlife Service Finland of Metsähallitus. online service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") consists of informative web pages and a web-store. The web-store comprises of a permit purchasing interface.

The use of certain parts of the Service requires registration. By registering to the Service of Metsähallitus the user of the Service (hereinafter the User) affirms that he or she has perused these Terms of Use and commits to adhering to them. Those sections of the Service that require registration may also have separate, product-specific terms and conditions, such as the terms of permit products and terms of permit cancellation. The User affirms having perused these additional terms and affirms that they are binding by using those sections of the Service and purchasing the products. The User commits to using the online service provided by Metsähallitus in a lawful manner and according to good practices. Use of the website is free of charge.

Access rights to the material published in the Service

The Service may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. The User may not use the Service or its parts in any other manner without permission from Metsähallitus. All rights to the Service, including copyrights, belong to Metsähallitus and/or its partners. The Service and all its parts are protected by copyright in accordance with copyright legislation.

Restriction on the use of the Service

Users under 18 years of age or otherwise incompetent have no right to make orders, agreements or other legal acts in the Service operated by Metsähallitus.


The User submits a valid email address and sets a password as he or she purchases a permit from the web-store. The User may use the email address and password as personal login details in the future. The User is responsible for keeping the password secret from anybody else. The User is responsible for all use of the Service that occurs with his or her email address and password. The User may change his or her information within the Service or notify Metsähallitus of changes to his or her personal information by email at

Handling of personal data

How the personal data of registered Users is handled is defined in the Description of File, which may be found later in this document in Privacy Statement.

Data security in payment transactions

Bank or credit card information is not stored on a Metsähallitus server at any point, but the payment and the transferral of information related to the transaction are conducted using a secure SSL connection of the bank or credit institution.

Producing and maintaining the Service

Metsähallitus reserves the right to improve and change the Service and its contents, structure, product and database selection, software, hardware, editorial content, opening hours and all of its other parts in any manner it sees fit. Metsähallitus aims to notify Users of significant changes or interruptions to the Service beforehand either through the Service or by some other means deemed appropriate by Metsähallitus. The changes take effect immediately after they have been implemented. Metsähallitus is responsible for the data content of the Service.

The Service may contain links to websites owned or operated by third parties. When moving to such a website, the User must familiarise him or herself with the possible terms of use of that website and agree to abide by them before using the website. By moving to such a website, the User also accepts that the website is not controlled by Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus is not in any way responsible for the content or operation of the websites of other service providers that are accessible through the Service.

As a rule, the Service may be used 24 hours a day. However, Metsähallitus does not guarantee the continuous or error-free operation of the Service. Metsähallitus is not responsible for malfunctions resulting from system overloads. Metsähallitus reserves the right to temporarily disable the Service or parts of it at any time for maintenance or hardware installation, or because of a system overload, or for some other unavoidable reason.

Liability for damages

Metsähallitus is not responsible for interruptions or data communication problems in the Service resulting from malfunctions, maintenance work or installations, nor is Metsähallitus responsible for any possible direct or indirect damages to the User that may result from information being delayed, altered or lost because of these problems.

Applicable legislation

The use of the Service and the interpretation of its Terms of Use are subject to Finnish law.

Use of cookies

The Erä online service makes use of cookies, some of which have to do with functions of the website and others that are used for statistical analysis and tracking the usage of the Service. The user may disable cookies or delete already existing cookies from his or her browser settings. However, this may cause disruptions in the use of the website.

The publication system uses a cookie to maintain the user's session. The data our cookies collect is general statistical data that is used only for the purposes of improving the service. The service tracks the following information: total number of visitors and page views, total number of sessions and their average durations, is the user returning to a page or visiting it for the first time, what web address is the user coming from, most common search words, most popular pages, type of device used, type and version of browser used and most common service providers. No personal information is collected and an individual user cannot be identified based on the collected information. The pieces of collected statistical data cannot be connected to each other. The usage tracking is based on Google Analytics and makes use of Google Universal Analytics (for more information, see: and Google Tag Manager. Additionally, certain elements of the use of the different sections of the front page (number of clicks and amount of scrolling) are tracked with the help of a CrazyEgg cookie (for more information, see: pieces of collected data cannot be connected to each other. The usage tracking makes use of Google Tag Manager's JavaScript code.

The Erä website contains embedded third party online services, which may also install cookies on your browser:

Embedded Facebook pages. Further information:
Embedded YouTube videos. For more information, see:
AddThis function for sharing web pages on social media. Further information:
Embedded content for displaying map data. Further information:

Changes to these Terms of Use and coming into effect

These Terms of Use come into effect immediately from the time of update (seen at the bottom of this document) and they stay in effect until further notice. Metsähallitus reserves the right to change these Terms of Use by announcing the changes in the Service. The new Terms of Use come into effect immediately after they have been published in the Service.

An update to these Terms of Use does not affect the terms of agreements made in the web-store prior to the update. An agreement is only subject to terms in effect at the time the agreement is made.

Terminating the agreement

Both parties may cancel the agreement at any time. The User may cancel the agreement by asking Metsähallitus to delete his or her contact information. The termination of the access right does not relieve the User from obligations to those payments relating to the Service that the User has committed to prior to the termination of the access right. Metsähallitus reserves the right to discontinue providing the Service in full or in part any time it wishes to do so. Metsähallitus will announce the discontinuation via the Service or via other means it deems appropriate.

Privacy Statement

The privacy statement on Metsähallitus' Erä online service can be found at