Fishing and hunting experiences in Finland

The waters and lands owned by the Finnish state are there for you to use. Metsähallitus ensures that people who would otherwise not have access to wilderness opportunities may also enjoy them. The game and fisheries staff organises all hunting, fishing and off-road traffic in state-owned areas on a sustainable basis, and our game and fisheries wardens supervise all wilderness activities on state-owned lands. When you purchase a wilderness permit, you invest in Finnish nature; the proceeds are used to benefit the environment.


The renewed is an excellent service for hikers in Finland


Metsähallitus’ map service, known as the number one tool of all hikers, has been renewed. In addition to improvements made to technical functionality, the map has been complemented with photographs of the most popular sites, the information contents of the map have been increased, and the map is now updated more frequently.

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One permit for thousands of fishing areas – the 2019 fisheries management fees are now available for payment
The fisheries management fee is an excellent investment in fishing waters and fishing – and it’s also a great gift idea for Father’s Day or Christmas. You can pay your fisheries management fee at authorised outlets: the Metsähallitus web store, permit service points, the permit service number at +358 20 69 2424, and all R-kioski shops in Finland.