Wildlife Service Finland, formerly known as Game and Fisheries Services, form a part of the nature services provided by Parks & Wildlife Finland, Metsähallitus. The purpose of Wildlife Service Finland is to organise matters related to hunting and fishing in lands owned by the Finnish state and to supervise these activities in state-owned lands to ensure that they are conducted lawfully.

Wildlife Service Finland operates under the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the unit belongs to the state's public game group together with the aforementioned Ministry, the Finnish Wildlife Agency, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and Ruokavirasto, the Finnish Food Safety Authority.

The unit is headed by Director of Game and Fisheries Jukka Bisi. Each service region (Southern Finland, Ostrobothnia-Kainuu and Lapland) has its own Game and Fisheries Manager who is responsible for the game and fisheries activities in their region.

Game and Fisheries Staff

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