Some state-owned waters are trap permit areas. If you purchase a trap permit from Metsähallitus for a certain trap permit area, you will be able to fish in that area using nets, traps, baited lines, fyke nets, long lines, fishing gigs (gigging), harpoons or fishing bows. Trap permits are specific to the fishing or boat party and are valid for a calendar year. A trap permit is intended for recreational fishing - commercial fishing permits are issued separately.

Metsähallitus trap permit areas may comprised of waters administered by Metsähallitus in one lake, one municipality, one fishing district or an entire catchment area. Water areas included in the trap permit are described in the permit area terms, which specify the lake-specific restrictions. The location of water areas can be found on the website.

Fish stocks in the trap permit area are based primarily on natural production, but some waters are also managed by means of fry stocking.

Upon purchase of a trap permit, trap permit tags are sent to the fisher as proof of their right to fish. Fishers are to attach the trap permit tags to set fishing traps, i.e. the fishing traps they have placed for trapping fish.  In accordance with the Fishing Act, one fisher may purchase a permit allowing no more than eight (8) trap permit tags in permit areas south of the 67th parallel north.

The purchase of a permit is an investment in nature, as Metsähallitus uses the proceeds from the permits for the management of fisheries.

Purchasing information

Three different pricing categories are used for permit areas. Pricing is based on the surface area of the permit area, the production and value of the fishing areas, and the management costs of the fishing areas (e.g. active stocking measures). Each permit area website specifies the price category to which the permit area belongs.

The table below specified how many traps may be set under a single trap permit tag and how much the trap permit tag in question costs in different permit areas. As the table shows, one net or three traps may be set under a single trap permit tag:


permit areas 1 permit areas 2 permit areas 3
Net (max. length 31 metres) 4 € 6 € 10 €
Trap (3 traps)

4 €

6 € 10 €
Baited line (10 lines) 4 € 6 € 10 €

Fyke net (max. height 1.5 m)

4 € 6 € 10 €
Long line (max. 100 hooks) 4 € 6 € 10 €
Gig, harpoon or fishing bow 4 € 6 € 10 €
Seine (under 6 m) or pound net* 24 € 24 € 40 €

*Permits for fishing with a pound net and a shoreline seine less than 6 metres are sold to subsistence fishers for key individual waters within a permit area. These permits are only sold by Metsähallitus Game and Fisheries Management Planners.

Trap permits are specific to the persons engaged in trapping or boat crews, and are valid for a calendar year.

Prior to purchasing a trap permit, you should read the Metsähallitus terms of purchase and cancellation for permits. A trap permit may be purchased by calling the service number:


Metsähallitus' trap permits may be purchased by phone. The service is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM. 


For more information on net fishing in Enontekiö, Inari and Utsjoki, please contact Metsähallitus service points in Northern Lapland: