Complete your investment in nature and remember to make a report after each hunt or fishing trip. The information on hunted animals and caught fish is used to plan hunting and fishing in the future. The goal is improved management and sustainable use of fish and game stocks. Catch feedback directly benefits the people submitting the feedback as it allows Metsähallitus to better allocate fish plantings, for example.

It is also important to submit a catch report even if you did not catch anything. The catch report form has a field where you can enter your views on how fishing and hunting could be developed in the area.

The submitted information is handled using game and fisheries management systems. Fishing catch feedback is entered into KSSJ, a monitoring and planning system for fisheries management and hunting feedback is entered into RSSJ, a monitoring and planning system for game management. Feedback submitted by fishers and hunters allows us to scale fishing and hunting activities to ecologically and socially sustainable levels.

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Tuikki Fishing Log

The Tuikki fishing log allows fishers to upload a wide variety of fishing-related data, including catches, specific fishing locations, best lures and traps, weather conditions on the day, fishing stories and photos. Fishers also have the option to share their catch logs with their fishing buddies or to keep them private.

You should submit catch reports or become a Tuikki user for the following reasons:

  • By submitting a catch report you are participating in the management of your favourite fishing waters.
  • Catch feedback allows Metsähallitus to correctly plan the use of the fishing waters and determine the best way to conduct restorative efforts, such as fish plantings.
  • Catch reports give Metsähallitus area-specific information on catches, catching methods and catching times. The summary reports drawn from the data are available at
  • You can also submit catch reports anonymously and individual reports will remain private if you so choose.
  • You will also have the chance to win fishing-related prizes.

Hunting report and feedback

Feedback submitted by hunters is entered into a monitoring and planning system for game management (RSSJ). This system allows us to scale the sale of hunting permits to ecologically and socially sustainable levels. The system makes use of feedback submitted by hunters and the stock estimates made by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute. Hunting activities are planned on a permit area basis and local conditions can also be taken into account in the planning work. The system can also produce different kinds of reports.

The information received from the hunting reports is used, for example, to monitor game stocks and scale hunting activities. This feedback is very valuable to Metsähallitus and it is used to develop and improve hunting products, marketing and sales efforts and hunting opportunities in state-owned hunting grounds.