These pages are your portal to thousands of fishing waters. Refresh your memory on when you need to pay the national fisheries management fee and when you need a separate fishing permit. Here you will also find information on different fishing methods, fishing areas and the management of Finland's fishing waters. 

Metsähallitus controls fishing waters all over Finland and they include lakes, ponds, rapids and rivers where the beauty of nature is just as important as the thrill of catching fish. 

Fishing-related matters are official duties of Metsähallitus (the Finnish Forest and Park Service) and they are the responsibility of game and fisheries staff led by a Game and Fisheries Manager. Metsähallitus sells fishing permits for rod and trap fishing as well as crayfishing in state-owned waters. The proceeds from selling permits are used for the management of fisheries and securing the future of fishing in Finland. Metsähallitus also collects a tax-like fisheries management fee. 

For more information, call the wilderness permits service number: +358 20 69 2424.

How the proceeds from permits and fees are used 

The fishing permit system and the collection of catch feedback are essential for the sustainable use of natural resources. The proceeds from selling fishing permits guarantee a renewing and robust fish stock and help to maintain Finland's water areas. Metsähallitus uses these funds to manage fish stocks and secure the future of fishing in Finland with the help of catch feedback collected from anglers. 

Metsähallitus is also responsible for collecting a tax-like fisheries management fee, the proceeds from which are governed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in accordance with Finnish law. 

Fishing News

Maintenance break in Eräluvat web shop on November 12

Eräluvat web shop is under maintenance on Monday, November 12, from 4:00 pm on. The web shop is closed during the break.

Fisheries management fees for 2019 available beginning tomorrow

Fisheries management fees for 2019 will be made available for purchase tomorrow, 1 November. Each person purchasing an annual permit (good for one calendar year) will also receive Suomu magazine. The fisheries management fee is mandatory for all persons 18-64 years of age who are fishing by means other than ice fishing, hook and line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. Proceeds from the fisheries management fee are used to manage and maintain Finland's fishing waters and fish stocks.

Рыболовные карты на будущий год поступят в продажу завтра

Завтра, 1 ноября, будет открыта продажа государственных рыболовных лицензий на 2019 год. Приобретя годовую лицензию, Вы получите рыболовную карту вместе с журналом Suomu. Государственная рыболовная лицензия является обязательной для всех рыбаков в возрасте от 18 до 64 лет, которые ловят рыбу иным способом, чем на летнюю или зимнюю удочку, или на ставку с крючками. Средства, поступающие от оплаты рыболовных лицензий, используются на благо природы для ухода за рыболовными угодьями и рыбными ресурсами.

Fishing permits for the rivers of Northern Lapland for summer 2018 available in May

Fishing permits for the upcoming summer for Inari and Enontekiö become available on May 3, and for Utsjoki on May 9. Some minor changes have been made to some of the fishing destinations.

Fisheries management fee

If you intend to fish in Finland and you are between the ages of 18 and 64, you must pay the fisheries management fee.