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Foreign citizens have the same fishing opportunities and obligations as Finns.

You can pay the national fisheries management fee and obtain fishing permits from Metsähallitus for state-owned waters where fishing requires a separate permit. The fisheries management fee is a statutory general fishing fee, which is valid everywhere in Finland except Åland. Metsähallitus fishing permits apply to state-owned waters.

If you are fishing with a single rod, the fisheries management fee will be sufficient nearly everywhere in Finland. If you are fishing with more than one rod, trap fishing, crayfishing, fishing in rapids and running water, or fishing in special destinations, you will need a fishing permit from the owner of the water area in addition to the fisheries management fee. Many fishing destinations administered by Metsähallitus require both a fisheries management fee and fishing permit.

The purchase of a permit is an investment in nature, as Metsähallitus uses the proceeds from the permits for the management of fisheries and securing the future of fishing in Finland. The catch report submitted by anglers also plays an important role in planning sustainable fishing arrangements.

Fishing News

Fisheries management fees: The biggest fishers hail from the east and north


Paid fisheries management fees totalled EUR 9.7 million last year. A comparison between regions reveals where Finland's most enthusiastic fishers live.

Those purchasing a fisheries management fee on 2 November will receive their fishing card before Christmas. - The instructions!


The fisheries management fee for calendar year 2022 will be available for sale on 2 November 2021. All those purchasing the fisheries management fee for a full year on the first day of the sale will be sent a laminated fishing card before Christmas. Friends of traditional fish cards should already mark the day in the calendar, and remember their fishing partners as the festive season begins. Please read this letter carefully first.

Fishing permits for Northern Lapland sold out in many areas – fishing still possible by paying the fisheries management fee


The summer fishing season in Lapland has been exceptionally busy: fishing permits have sold out in several locations. However, fishermen without a permit can still do lure fishing in many lakes and ponds by paying the state fisheries management fee.

You can reserve Metsähallitus huts for 2022 starting on Monday 3 May at 13:00


As of Monday 3 May, you can book reservable huts and rental huts maintained by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland for 2022. You can make reservations in the Eräluvat webshop.

Frequently asked questions about fishing

Where can I fish with a fisheries management fee? Where can I find information on fishing permits for privately-owned waters? When might it be necessary to pay compensation for the conservation value of an endangered fish species?

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Wildlife tutors

A wildlife tutor is a keen and responsible wilderness, hunting or fishing enthusiast who teaches children and youngsters how to embrace the wilderness. Would you like to become a wildlife tutor?

Read more about wildlife tutoring on Wildlife tutor page.

Responsible fishing

We want to encourage all fishers to consider the well-being of the fish. Each and every fisher is obligated to ensure the proper and respectful treatment of the fish they catch, regardless of whether they intend to release them or keep them for food.

Get to know the guidelines for responsible fishing.