Näätämöjoki 1565

Permits become available on Tuesday, 21 May 2019, at 9:00 AM.

Näätämöjoki River is situated in the eastern part of the Inari municipality, north of Lake Sevettijärvi. The river is born in Iijärvi and runs into the Arctic Ocean on the Norwegian side. Näätämöjoki is an ideal destination especially for fly fishers. 

The efforts to safeguard and grow the salmon stocks of Näätämöjoki are based on having an adequate spawning stock and limiting the number of fishing permits. The fishing regulations at Näätämöjoki have been tightened with regard to all forms of fishing in both Finland and Norway. These measures aim to maintain the viability of the river's valuable natural salmon stock and secure the possibility to fish at one of our grandest salmon rivers long into the future. 

The Näätämöjoki permit area is divided into three different fishing zones (pools) with limited numers of permits. The number of available permits varies depending on the season.

ZONE 1. Näätämöjoki: National border - Lake Opukasjärvi. Fishing period: 10.6. - 31.8.

Permit quotas:

  • 10.6 - 16.6. 14 fishing days
  • 17.6. - 23.6. 40 fishing days
  • 24.6. - 30.6. 70 fishing days
  • 1.7. - 7.7. 176 fishing days
  • 8.7. - 14.7. 240 fishing days
  • 15.7. - 21.7. 200 fishing days
  • 22.7. - 28.7. 200 fishing days
  • 29.7. - 4.8. 200 fishing days
  • 5.8. - 11.8. 200 fishing days
  • 12.8. - 18.8. 200 fishing days
  • 19.8 - 25.8. 180 fishing days
  • 26.8 - 31.8. 160 fishing days

Cancelled, unsold and unclaimed permits for Zone 1 move back into the sale to be sold throughout the whole fishing season.

ZONE 2. Silisjoki: Opukasjärvi - The lowest Silislompolo. Fishing period: 1.7. - 10.8. 120 fishing days.

ZONE 3. Näätämöjoki Opukasjärvi - Ijärvi/Vaijoki. Vaijoki: until the mouth of Nikulasjoki. Fishing period: 10.6. - 31.8. 300 fishing days.


Recreational fishing (angling)
1.6. – 31.8. Permit days begin at 6 PM.
Fly fishing, Casting
Sea salmon, Grayling, Whitefish, Trout
Natural fish stock
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter, Cottage

Buying a license

Permits become available on 21.5.2019 at 9 am and can be purchased at the Eräluvat webshop or via our customer service number +358 20 69 2424.

The number of permits issued for the Näätämöjoki recreational fishing area is limited, please check the availability of permits prior to your trip. 

Note! If you have ordered your permit by phone during the advance sale period, you must ensure that the permit is paid for in full by the due date indicated on the invoice. 

If you are ordering a permit for more than one person by phone, make sure that you have the addresses and birth dates of all the persons at hand when you make the call. This ensures that the purchase transaction will not be interrupted. 


  • €25-30 / day 

Zones 1 and 2: €30 / day. Zone 3: €25 / day. 

Permit days begin at 6 PM. 

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50% discount on the permits and persons under 15 years of age are allowed to share the same fishing quota, with permission from their parent or legal guardian. 
A family permit is also available for this destination. In this context, a family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents/legal guardians. Married couples and couples in a civil union may also purchase family permits. The family permit costs twice as much and its fishing quota is twice as large.


You can buy licences directly from the online store and pay using the
most common payment methods.



Metsähallitus' fishing licences may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.




Mobile permits are not available for this destination.



Ivalo: Metsähallitus Service Point , tel. +358 206 39 7701
Inari: Siida Nature Centre , tel. +358 206 39 7740


Licence terms

Regional licensing terms

1.6. – 31.8. Permit days begin at 6 PM.
  • Allowed methods: Lure and fly. 
  • The permit does not grant the right to fish in the private waters within the permit area. 
  • Fishing with a boat or an outboard motor that does not belong to a person who permanently resides within the Näätämöjoki fishing area is prohibited.
  • Fishing in Näätämöjoki requires that all fishing gear has been disinfected and that the angler has a certificate to prove it. See the information on disinfection stations from below in the Extra information. 
  • The use of a bait fish in hook & line fishing, ice fishing or lure fishing is absolutely prohibited in the municipalities of Upper Lapland (Inari, Utsjoki, Enontekiö) as per a Decree from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (no. 1376/2004, 31.12.2004). 

Catch quotas

Day permit: 1 salmon

Female salmon over 60 cm long must be released back into the water after 1 August. 

Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at www.tuikki.fi. All caught and released fish must also be reported. 

Catch sizes

  • Salmon 30 cm
  • All trout (including brown trout) 50 cm
  • Grayling 35 cm

Extra information


Näätämöjoki can be reached via marked trails:

  1. Trail from the village of Näätämö to Kallokoski rapids.
  2. Trail from the south side of Jäniskoski bridge (parking area) to Saunakoski Rapids via Lake Nälkäjärvi.
  3. Trail to Kontinpaistama rental cabin that begins from a parking area located 10 km into the direction of Näätämö from Lake Sevettijärvi
  4. Trail from Lake Sevettijärvi to Lake Opukasjärvi.

Further information: Ivalo Service Point, tel. +358 206 39 7701; Siida Nature Centre, Inari, tel. +358 206 39 7740. 

Disinfection of fishing tackle

Fishing in Näätämöjoki requires that all fishing gear has been disinfected and that the angler has a certificate to prove it. Disinfection stations that offer these certificates:
Sevettijärvi: Reindeer farm Toini Sanila, Sevettupa Oy,
Inari: Fish harbour
Utsjoki: Permit vendors along the Tenojoki River

Metsähallitus services

Metsähallitus owns rental cabins in Silisjokisuu (Lake Opukasjärvi), Kontinpaistama, Saunakoski and Kuosnijokisuu. There are also several maintained campfire sites in the area, and an unlocked wilderness hut in Opukasjärvi.

Other services in the area

Inari Saariselkä Resort