The fisheries management fee for calendar year 2022 will be available for sale on 2 November 2021. All those purchasing the fisheries management fee for a full year on the first day of the sale will be sent a laminated fishing card before Christmas. Friends of traditional fish cards should already mark the day in the calendar, and remember their fishing partners as the festive season begins. Please read this letter carefully first.

Campaign period and price of the card

The campaign is only valid on Tuesday 2 November 2021. If you want a laminated card by post, the fisheries management fee for the whole calendar year 2022 must be purchased during the day from the Eräluvat online shop, on the Eräluvat mobile app,  from a Metsähallitus Visitor Centre or other contract sales point, by calling our service number +358 206 924 24 (9 am–4 pm) or from an R-kiosk.

The price of the fisheries management fee is € 45. Card or mailing will not be charged extra fees.

When purchasing a fisheries management fee, be vigilant with the year of the fee, as the fisheries management fee for the current year (2021) will also be available for sale until 10 December.

Card material

The fishing card to be mailed in the campaign is the size of a debit card. The material is PEFC-certified paper that has been laminated to be stronger and water-repellant. The accompanying letter paper and the envelope can be disposed in paper collection, but after decommissioning the card should be placed in mixed waste. The whole product is carbon-neutral.

Card delivery period

The fishing card will be delivered by post by week 47, i.e. by 26 November 2021. For our invoicing customers in other words, for those purchasing fisheries management fees from the telephone service, the card will only be delivered in week 50, unless the invoice is paid immediately on 2 November.

The card will be mailed to addresses located only in Finland.

Please contact us shortly after your delivery time if you did not receive your card:

Fishing card as a gift for a loved one

If you purchase a fisheries management fee for another person on 2 November, for example as a Christmas or a Father’s Day gift, a laminated fishing card will be mailed to the recipient as well.

The fishing card may not get there by Father’s Day, but it will arrive before Christmas. You can select from our website a suitable greeting card (in Finnish) that will be sent to the recipient with the payment receipt immediately after the purchase. If you wish, tell them that they will receive a laminated fishing card by post.

If the recipient of the gift is an enthusiastic fisher, please make sure that, before the purchase, they do not intend to pay the fisheries management fee themself as soon as it becomes available for sale.

When purchasing, you will need the name and address of each licence holder and their date of birth. Please find out the information in advance and write it carefully on the order so that the fishing cards can be sent to the correct addresses.

Please note that the Eräluvat app allows you to purchase a fisheries management fee only for yourself. It is therefore a good idea to use the online shop when purchasing gifts. Purchases made online are shown in your Eräluvat mobile app, but not in the app of the giftee. Please update your application regularly.

Ways to prove you have paid the fisheries management fee

The campaign is for those who love the traditional fishing card, and it is something that we want to offer as an experiment to our customers.

All those purchasing fisheries management fees for calendar year 2022 will continue to receive their fishing card in the back of the Suomu magazine in the middle of the month following the payment.

However, for those purchasing the fee between November and March, Suomu will not be mailed until April, so when purchasing the card on 2 November, you get the fishing card early and can take it with you on your winter fishing trip.

A payment receipt for the fisheries management fee may also be used as a proof in paper or electronic image format on a fishing trip. The permit can be proven also with Eräluvat mobile app. So don’t worry, if you miss the campaign date!