News item updated on 27 March 2020 concerning huts

The terms of purchase and cancellation for permits issued by Metsähallitus will be applied in a modified flexible manner for the time being due to the coronavirus epidemic. This situation is considered a force majeure as specified in our terms and conditions, which means that permits can be cancelled before the permit period begins.

Metsähallitus-issued fishing, hunting and off-road traffic permits are administrative decisions, and wilderness permits that have already been paid for cannot under normal circumstances be cancelled without a weighty reason. Due to the extraordinary circumstances prevailing at the moment, Metsähallitus has decided that payments can be returned in accordance with cancellation policy if a permit is cancelled before its period of validity begins.

Fishing and hunting permits and fisheries management fees

A paid-for fishing or hunting licence can be cancelled before the permit period begins by calling the Eräluvat service number at +358 20 69 2424 (weekdays, 9 am − 4 pm, price 0.00 €/ min + local network charge / standard mobile rate). A EUR 13 processing fee will be charged for a cancellation in accordance with our cancellation policy. The minimum amount for refunds is EUR 20. 

If you wish to redetermine the time period for a paid permit, the paid permit must be cancelled and a new permit reserved. If you want to transfer the permit to another person, please contact our telephone service.

Please note that a valid permit cannot be cancelled. For example, a fisheries management fee paid for a year cannot therefore be refunded. The refund for short-term fisheries management fees (one day or one week) would be less than EUR 20.

Normal terms of purchase and cancellation will be applied to permits that have not yet been paid. A permit that has yet to be paid can be cancelled before the payment date specified on its invoice without a separate cancellation fee. Please note that neglecting to pay an invoice is not the same as cancelling a permit.

Off-road traffic permits and track permits

Contrary to our general cancellation policy, off-road traffic permits can also be cancelled. Cancellations must be made before a permit’s start date. If you want to make a cancellation, contact the person responsible for the processing of off-road traffic permit application. 

Permits (such as track permits), which have already been used cannot be refunded.

If you wish to cancel a track permit, contact your nearest customer service location by telephone or email or alternatively contact the Eräluvat service number at +358 20 69 2424 (weekdays, 9 am − 4 pm, price 0.00 €/ min + local network charge / standard mobile rate).


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