The fisheries management fee for calendar year 2022 will be available for sale on 2 November 2021. The fisheries management fee can be bought through the Metsähallitus' sales channels or R-kiosks throughout the country.

The fisheries management fee can be purchased from Metsähallitus' online shop at, on Eräluvat mobile app, by calling our service number +358 206 924 24, from Metsähallitus Visitor Centres, R-kiosks and other contract sales points. The price of the fisheries management fee remains unchanged, € 45 / calendar year, € 15 / 7 days and € 6 / 1 day.

A fisheries management fee is a personal fishing permit, but it can also be redeemed for another person. The name, address and date of birth of the licence holder must be stated in connection with the purchase.

All licence holders who have had their fisheries management fee redeemed for the entire calendar year 2022 during the first sales day, on 2 November 2021, will be sent a laminated fishing card before Christmas. Read more information about the fishing card and instructions for obtaining it.

"We want to give particular attention to winter fishermen, who will not receive their paper fishing card together with Suomu magazine until April. Some fishermen prefer electronic permits, so a waterproof card as a gift is a welcome present those who like traditional fishing cards,” says Jyrki Tolonen, Director of Game and Fisheries Services at Metsähallitus.

Under the Fishing Act, a fisheries management fee must be paid by everyone between the ages of 18 and 64 who catch crayfish or fish, except for ice fishing, angling, or using a herring rig. The fisheries management fee alone entitles an angler to fish with a single rod and lure in waters where fishing is not restricted. Fishing with more than one rod and with even one gear also requires a permit from the water area owner. A permit is also required for those exempted from the fisheries management fee on behalf of their age.

Fishing requires carrying either a paper or electronic proof of payment of the fisheries management fee, such as a fishing permit, payment receipt, or the Eräluvat app. Fishers must also be prepared to prove their identity. Fishers who do not have to pay the fisheries management fee due to their age, must also prove their age to the ranger when asked to do so.

Metsähallitus collects the fisheries management fees and passes them on to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Ministry and the ELY Centres allocate funds for the planning and sustainable development and management of fishing waters, monitoring of fishing activity, promotion of recreational fishing, advisory services in the fisheries sector, the activities of fisheries areas and compensation to water area owners.

"With the popularity of recreational fishing, increased revenue from fisheries management fees means better possibilities for managing fishing waters and promoting fishing. We hope that many people will have great experiences in nature when fishing next year,” says Jyrki Tolonen.

The fisheries management fee for calendar year 2021 will be available for sale until 10 December 2021, after which one-day and seven-day fisheries management fees may still be redeemed for the current year.

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