Ilkka Numminen

The fisheries management fee is an excellent investment in fishing waters and fishing – and it’s also a great gift idea for Father’s Day or Christmas. You can pay your fisheries management fee at authorised outlets: the Metsähallitus web store, permit service points, the permit service number at +358 20 69 2424, and all R-kioski shops in Finland.

We’re starting early this year – this means fisheries management fees can already be paid at the beginning of November. There’s a clear for this: we want to make our leading domestic fishing permit product available to fishers as early and conveniently as possible. We also had Father’s Day and Christmas gifts in mind: the best gift is one that is useful and necessary for the recipient, and also provides access to a favourite activity. Trolling, jigging, fly fishing, net fishing, trap fishing, casting – there are so many different names for this way of life.

Fisheries management fees can be officially paid via Metsähallitus services and at R-kioski shops throughout the country. There is no delivery fee when you pay the fisheries management fee via the Metsähallitus web store, permit service points or by calling the service number +358 20 69 2424. Fisheries management fees can also be paid at R-kioski shops, which guarantees that fishing permits can be purchased anywhere in Finland without a digital device. We believe that face-to-face service is important to many fishers.

Metsähallitus has been collecting fisheries management fees since the beginning of 2016. We have actively advertised this product and will continue to do so in the future. There’s a good reason for this. The proceeds from fisheries management fees are used in different ways to benefit fishers and fishing waters. There is a good flow back to fishers and fishes via different channels: for example, ELY Centres use the proceeds to distribute grants for maintenance, youth work and studies that accumulate local knowledge. Local and national fishery advisory organisations working on behalf of fishing and fish stock management also benefit from the fees. You can find out more about the fisheries management fee on the separate website.

Paying the fisheries management fee is a great contribution to nature and fishes.

The fisheries management fee, also informally known as the fish card or fishing card, grants the right to fish with one rod and lure in most parts of the country. The fisheries management fee also allows the use of fish traps, but a local fishing permit is also always needed for trap fishing. All fishers aged 18–64 who fish with a lure or traps have to pay the fisheries management fee. Crayfishing also requires payment of the fisheries management fee. Hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig do not require separate fishing permits.