Fish stocking is a tool that Metsähallitus uses in varied ways with multiple fish species and different-sized fish.

The so-called "stock and fish" destinations controlled by Metsähallitus are annually stocked with approximately 60 000 kg of catch-sized fish. 

Most of these fish are rainbow trout and trout, but some waters are also stocked with grayling. The fish planted into the "stock and fish" waters are there purely for the purposes of fishing and these plantings do not aim to cultivate naturally reproducing fish stocks. 

However, in terms of surface area, the stock and fish destinations make up only a small portion of the fishing waters and fisheries management activities controlled by Metsähallitus. In addition to the fry stocking of traditional salmonids, trap and lure fishing waters are also stocked with fry-sized whitefish, grayling, pike-perch and European crayfish. In Upper Lapland, Arctic char specimens caught in natural waters may be transferred to other water areas to bolster fish stocks where needed. 

The Lokka and Porttipahta Reservoirs pose the most important and challenging fisheries management task when it comes to commercial fishing, as Metsähallitus is responsible for managing the fish stocks of these artificial waters. Different types of fish stocking still form an essential part of fisheries management at Metsähallitus.