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Keski-Pohja 4009


Trap fishing
Calendar year
Net, Fyke, Fish trap, Longline, Bait hook, Trident, Harpoon, Bow
Perch, Pike, Burbot, Vendace, Whitefish, Cyprinids
Lestijärvi and Lamujärvi

Permit area map

Pohjanmaa and Kainuu, Lestijärvi Reisjärvi Pyhäntä Pyhäjoki Pyhäjärvi Sievi Kärsämäki Siikalatva Ylivieska Haapavesi Toholampi Liminka

Purchasing a permit

The price of one trap permit is 8 euros.

Trap permits are specific to the fishing or boating party, and they are valid for a calendar year. One must carry the permit and proof of payment when fishing.

Since 2020, trap permit tags are no longer in use. After purchasing a permit, fishers must simply attach their name and phone number to fishing traps, i.e. fishing nets.

Sales points


Permits may be paid for on the Eräluvat web shop using the most common payment methods.


With the Eräluvat app, you can purchase fishing permits easily and quickly. You can pay with a debit or credit card.  Read the instructions for using the app.


Metsähallitus' trap permits may be purchased by phone. The service is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Permit terms

Permit terms for the area

Calendar year

Trap permits do not permit the holder to engage in commercial fishing. Commercial fishing permits are issued separately. More information about commercial fishing permits is provided by game and fisheries planner Eero Hartikainen. His phone number is 040 8219679 and email address eero.hartikainen(a)

When net fishing, a maximum of 240 metres of net may be used by each fishing or boat party, unless the fishing or boat party is engaged in commercial fishing. This is mandated in section 49 of the Fishing Act. In some lakes, the permitted total length of nets can be less than 240 metres. Fishers must check restrictions in the water area directory.

Fishers must check trap restrictions, protected areas and other possible instructions for each water area in the water area directory. The water area directory is included with the site map as a PDF file.

The trap permit contains the right to keep a boat on the forestry land of Metsähallitus. If there is a valid plan for the area guiding the storage of boats in a certain location, the boats must be stored in the designated locations. The boat must have its owner's name and contact information on it. The owner is responsible for keeping their boat site clean.

Catch sizes and protection periods

The following catch sizes and protection periods for fish species are in effect for this permit area:

Fish species Catch size Protection period
Landlocked salmon At least 60 cm No protection period in this permit area
Trout with adipose fin At least 60 cm Completely protected in inland waters south of the 64º00 N circle of latitude
Trout without adipose fin At least 50 cm No protection period in this permit area
Pike-perch At least 42 cm No protection period
Grayling At least 35 cm 1.4.–31.5.

Fishers must observe the catch sizes and protection periods mandated in the Fishing Decree for other fish species.

Catch quotas

There is no fishing quota limit for this trap permit area.

Permitted traps

A trap permit entitles the holder to use one of the following traps:

  • one net, whose length is no more than 31 metres
  • one fyke net or fish trap, whose length is less than 1.5 metres
  • 3 traps
  • one long line, with no more than 100 hooks
  • 10 baited lines
  • one gig (for gigging), harpoon or fishing bow.

In other words, one trap permit entitles the holder to use only one type of trap at a time. Consequently, one trap permit does not allow, for example, the holding of a net and a trap at the same time – one requires two trap permits for this purpose.

Marking traps

Standing traps must be marked in accordance with the Fishing Decree (1360/2015). The fisherman's name and telephone number must also be entered on traps.

Decree 1360/2015 can be found on the Finlex website ( in Finnish and Swedish.

This Finnish brochure contains photographs and information on marking traps (PDF, 515 kb, opens in a new tab).

General permit conditions

The permit will not be valid until it has been paid. One must carry the permit and proof of payment when fishing and show them to a supervisor authorised by Metsähallitus, if the supervisor so requests.

The permit holder is the person whose name appears on the permit. The holder is responsible for any fishing done under the permit. One is obligated to establish the legality of the fishing activity.

Trap permits are specific to the fishing or boating party, and they are valid for a calendar year.

The permit entitles the holder to fish in the Metsähallitus waters specified on the water area directory of the permit area and/or on the permit area map. The water area directory is included with the map as a PDF file.

Metsähallitus may revoke the permit if the permit terms are violated.

In addition to the Metsähallitus permit fee, persons aged 18-64 must also pay the state fisheries management fee, unless the fishing being done is angling or ice fishing.

Further information

Some of the waters in the Keski-Pohja trap permit area are stocked with one-summer old whitefish fry.