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Yli-Vuokki 5505

A beautiful chain of small lakes, streams and rapids in the nearly uninhabited wilderness of Kainuu. The water system originates in the historical region of Viena in Russian Karelia.

Roaring rapids, open lakes and tranquil forest ponds await the angler in Yli-Vuokki. The lakesand ponds are rich in perch, pike-perch and pike – pretty big ones too! The rapids are home to spot-sided trout and shiny, silver grayling. Most of the rapids and other waters in the area are easily accessible via a comprehensive network of roads.

Lake Kevättijärvi is a part of the permit area and the lake's fish stock has been reinforced with plantings of brown and freshwater trout for a number of years. Now the lake is abundant with great, catch-sized salmonids! Lake Kevättijärvi is also a great place for catching sizable perch. The best way to fish is to use one's own row boat, which can be launched from the site designated on the PFD map (natural boat ramp). There are also a couple of rental boats that may be rented from the Ala-Vuokki general store (more information can be found in the Services section). 


Recreational fishing (angling)
Calendar year. Trout fishing is prohibited in running waters and rapids sections between 1.9.–30.11. Grayling fishing is prohibited between 1.4.–31.5.
Casting, Fly fishing, Trolling, Ice fishing, Angling
Perch, Trout, Pike, Grayling, Whitefish, Landlocked salmon, Pike-perch
Natural fish stock, Fry stocking of natural fish stocks, Catch size fish stocking
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter, Rental boat, Own boat, Flotation device, Boat launch, Cottage

Purchasing a permit

In Yli-Vuokki angling permit area, the customer can choose between a 24-hour or 7-day permit. The prices of angling permits are as follows:

permit validity permit price
24 hours 13 €
7 days 40 €

Persons under 18 years of age can buy the angling permit at half price.

Persons under 15 years of age may fish under the angling permit and within the fishing quota of an adult belonging to the same party, without needing to purchase an angling permit of their own.

A family may purchase a family permit, which costs twice as much and has a fishing quota twice as large as an individual angling permit. A family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents or legal guardians as well as married and common-law couples.

Where to purchase A permit


You can pay licences using the most common payment methods in the online store (



Metsähallitus' fishing permits may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.


With the Eräluvat app, you can purchase angling permits easily and quickly. You can pay with a debit or credit card. Read the instructions for using the app.



Suomussalmi: TB-Turjanhovi (service station)



Permit terms

Permit terms for the area

Calendar year. Trout fishing is prohibited in running waters and rapids sections between 1.9.–30.11. Grayling fishing is prohibited between 1.4.–31.5.

What does the permit entitle the holder to

Yli-Vuokki 5505 angling permit grants the right for

  • lure fishing with lure, fly or jig
  • hook and line fishing and ice fishing except in rapids and running waters. 

As general fishing rights do not apply in Lakes Kevättijärvi and Louhilampi, it is prohibited to fish there with a lure under a fisheries management fee as well as fish with a rod and line (hook and line fishing), and through a hole in the ice in wintertime (ice fishing), unless you have purchased an angling permit. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) has issued the decision on restricting general fishing rights.

Angling permit is required for lure fishing in rapids and running waters. Hook and line fishing and ice fishing are prohibited in rapids and running waters, regardless of whether you have an angling permit or not.

Fishing gear and bait

The use of artificial bait is prohibited in Yli-Vuokki angling permit area.

An angler may use one (1) rod with a single line when fishing from the shore, from an anchored boat or fishing from the ice. The rod must be held in the angler’s hand or be within reach at all times (no more than 2 metres away). The rod may not be left alone for fishing. When trolling lures or flies from a rowboat, an angler may use at maximum two (2) rods, each one with a single line.


Fishing with your own boat, a rental boat or flotation device is permitted.

The use of an outboard motor is permitted on the lake waters of the permit area. However, only electric outboard motors are allowed in Lake Kevättijärvi. 

Catch quotas

The maximum number of fish that an angler may catch is indicated in the table below:

area Maximum catch in 24 hours
Kevättijärvi 10 perches and 1 trout or landlocked salmon
Other water areas 1 trout or landlocked salmon

There is no catch quota limit for other fish species.

The 24-hour catch quota cannot be increasing by purchasing several permits for the same 24-hour period.

Catch sizes and protection periods

The following catch sizes and protection periods for fish species are in effect for this permit area:

Fish species Catch Size Protection period
Trout with adipose fin At least 60 cm In rapids and running waters 1.9.–30.11.
Trout without adipose fin At least 50 cm In rapids and running waters 1.9.–30.11.
Grayling At least 35 cm 1.4.–31.5.
Landlocked salmon At least 60 cm In rapids and running waters 1.8.–30.11.
Perch At most 35 cm in Lake Kevättijärvi* No protection period

*A maximum size has been set for perch caught in Lake Kevättijärvi. Fish larger than this size must be released back into the water. Read more about the background for using maximum size limit.

Fishers must observe the catch sizes and protection periods mandated in the Fishing Decree for other fish species.

Water temperature has a significant impact on the survival of salmonids after they are released. When water temperatures approach +20 °C, you should use judgement before you decide to fish for salmonids. In waters warmer than this, fishing for salmonids should be avoided. In such situations, it is advisable to focus on species that are more resistant to heat, such as zander, pike and perch. See guidelines for responsible fishing.

Further information

Services in the area

Boats for fishing in Lake Kevättijärvi may be rented from the Ala-Vuokki general store (K-Mäkeläisen pojat Ky).

  • The address for the store is Kuhmontie 311, Suomussalmi.
  • The store is open from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.
  • The rental prices for the boats are 15 euros per day and 45 euros per week.
  • For more information on the rental boats, contact Saku Mäkeläinen at +358 40 5881271. 


If you are interested in catching perch, Yli-Vuokki is a particularly tasty destination. Lake Kevättijärvi and the other lakes and smaller ponds in the permit area are home to very sizable specimens. Anglers have caught big perch even in the area's tiniest ponds, as well as in the larger lakes. The area's ponds are best fished using small and small-ish jigs weighing 5-7.5 grams. In the winter you should try a balance lure. Big perch can be extremely passive at times and refuse all treats offered to it. In these situations a grub jig the colour of motor oil might just be the lure that saves the trip.

Lake Kevättijärvi is a great destination for people who are interested in topwater fishing for perch and pike. By mid-June, the water has warmed up a bit and pike strike various topwater lures in the shallow bays. Topwater lures that float on the water surface produce fierce strikes! Perch become active in the heat of July and August, and schools of fish are visible in shallow waters near the shores of Lake Kevättijärvi. You can also catch these fish with a spinner or jig, but topwater lures are the most rewarding. Seeing the wake of three large perch appear behind a topwater lure is an exciting experience for even the most experienced fisher!

Lake Kevättijärvi is an amazing destination for fly fishers – unweighted flies are a great way to attract pikes or perch in shallow water! The shore is hard and shallow in many places, which makes it suitable for wading. After finding a good spot, you can tie your boat to the beach and wade out from the beach to continue fishing.

Fisheries management

The rapids Paasikoski, Palokoski, Saapaskoski and Saarikoski are stocked with catch-sized brown trout during the summer season. Lake Kevättijärvi is stocked with 2-3-year-old brown and freshwater trout, and many of the area's other lakes are stocked with fry-sized grayling and whitefish.