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Vasaköngäs 3547

Vasaköngäs recreational fishing area is a section of the Kairijoki River's main channel. The area used to belong to Korvatunturi recreational fishing area. Vasaköngäs is situated in the Kairijoki River some 3.5 km upstream of the Kairiver Wilderness Centre. The fishing area begins 600 metres north of Murkinahauta cooking shelter and ends in Järviselänpalo. The permit area is approximately 2.5 km long. The limits of the area are marked in the terrain with blue fly fishing signs.


Recreational fishing (angling)
1.6.–1.10. Trout fishing is prohibited between 1.9.– 30.11.
Fly fishing
Grayling, Pike, Char, Whitefish, Trout
Lean-to shelter, Cottage

Purchasing a permit

A maximum of eight (8) persons can fish simultaneously in Vasaköngäs permit area.

The price of an angling permit for Vasaköngäs is 20 euros for 24 hours. The permit validity always begins at 6:00 PM.


Permits are only available in the Kairijoki Wilderness Centre, telephone +358 16 841 481

Permit terms

Permit terms for the area

1.6.–1.10. Trout fishing is prohibited between 1.9.– 30.11.

Fishing gear

Fly fishing only without casting weight is permitted.

Only barbless hooks are permitted.

Catch quotas

Catching more than one (1) grayling or trout during a 24-hour period is prohibited. There is no catch quota limit for other fish species.

Catch sizes and protection periods

The following catch sizes and protection periods for fish species are in effect for this permit area:

Fish species Catch Size Protection period
Trout with adipose fin At least 50 cm 1.9.–30.11.
Trout without adipose fin At least 50 cm 1.9.–30.11.
Grayling At least 40 cm No protection period in this permit area

Fishers must observe the catch sizes and protection periods mandated in the Fishing Decree for other fish species.

Further information

Services in the area

For information on the area's lodging, restaurant and other services, contact the Kairiver Wilderness Centre. The telephone number is +358 16 841 481 and the website address is