Teerilampi 6545

In the serene yet easily accessible surroundings of Teerilampi one can rediscover the joy of fishing. Pond Teerilampi is located near the Seitseminen National Park where there are enough nature experiences to keep the entire family occupied.


Recreational fishing (angling)
1.1. – 5.6 and 8.6 at 15:00 p.m. – 31.12.
Ice fishing, Lure fishing
Perch, Rainbow trout
Catch size fish stocking
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter

Buying a license


  • €12 / 3 h
  • €18 / day
  • €90 / week

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50% discount on the permits and persons under 15 years of age are allowed to share the same fishing quota, with the permission of their parent or legal guardian. The family permit costs twice as much and its fishing quota is twice as large.


You can buy licences directly from the online store and pay using the
most common payment methods.



Metsähallitus' fishing licences may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.




Call the number for the licence you want:

Licence type   Number  Price
3 hours     +358 600 55 1639  €12,02 + standard mobile rate
Day +358 600 55 1640    €18,03 + standard mobile rate
3 hours (under 18 y/o) +358 600 55 1642  €6,01 + standard mobile rate
Day (under 18 y/o) +358 600 55 1643  €9,01+ standard mobile rate


You can order your fishing licence by phone from the automated number. Simply dial the
number for the licence you want and enter the four digitnumber of the desired fishing
destination. The call must be made from a Finnish mobile subscription.

Further instructions >


The call is charged on your mobile phone invoice.

Read the licence terms of Metsähallitus.

Please note that mobile permit purchases are limited to 200 euros a month and to 2 purchases per day per mobile phone plan.





Licence terms

Regional licensing terms

1.1. – 5.6 and 8.6 at 15:00 p.m. – 31.12.
  • Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at www.tuikki.fi. All caught and released fish must also be reported.
  • The use of all types of artificial lures (lure, pilk, fly) is permitted. The use of natural baits (grubs, shrimp, bait paste, etc.) is also permitted.
  • Each angler may use one rod and line, which must remain within the angler's reach at all times (max 2 metres away!). Leaving a rod to fish by itself is prohibited.
  • Scuba fishing and harpoon fishing are prohibited.
  • The use of a boat or flotation device is prohibited.

Catch quotas

3 hour permit 1 salmonid
Day permit 3 salmonids / day
Week permit 2 salmonids / day
Salmonids Ranbow trout


Note! In permits other than the week or family permit, the catch quota is max 3 salmonids / day regardless of permit type.


Catch sizes

  • No minimum catch size for rainbow trout

Extra information


There is a campfire site and a cooking shelter in the area.

Fisheries management

Catch-sized rainbow trout is stocked into the waters every 2-3 weeks between May and September. During the winter season plantings are conducted once or twice.