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Oulankajoki 5572

In the waters of Oulankajoki River, on both sides of the Finnish-Russian border, there lives a naturally
reproducing population of migratory trout that has managed to preserve its own genotype. These kinds of
populations have become rare, and the trout population in Oulankajoki is also declining at an alarming rate.
On one hand, the health of the population is affected by how well the spawning succeeds and how the fry
survive in the river basins on the Finnish side, and on the other by how well the fry are able to reach sexual
maturity in their feeding grounds in the lakes on the Russian side. Finnish-Russian cooperation is needed to
revitalise the trout population and to bring it to a level that better withstands recreational fishing.

Metsähallitus and the joint ownership association of Kuusamo's common water areas have placed the trout in Oulankajoki under protection until further notice.

Permit area:

The permit area includes the waters of the Oulanka National Park and the Kallunki joint ownership
association in rivers Aventojoki, Savinajoki, Maaninkajoki and Oulankajoki. The permit area in Oulankajoki
begins upstream of Nurmisaarenniemi and extends all the way to the northern border of the national park,
with the exception of the protected areas.


Recreational fishing (angling)
Fly fishing, Casting
Grayling, Pike, Whitefish, Perch
Natural fish stock
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter, Rental boat, Own boat, Boat launching

Purchasing a permit


  • €13 / day
  • €45 / week

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50 % discount on the permits and persons under 15 years of age are allowed to share the same fishing quota, with the permission of their parent or legal guardian. For fishers under 15 years of age who intend to fish alone, a one week's fishing permit is available free of charge at the Eräluvat online store.

 A family permit is also available for this destination. In this context, a family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents/legal guardians. Married couples and couples in a civil union may also purchase family permits. The family permit costs twice as much and its fishing quota is twice as large.

Where to purchase A permit


You can pay licences using the most common payment methods in the online store (



Metsähallitus' fishing permits may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.



With the Eräluvat app, you can purchase angling permits easily and quickly. You can pay with a debit or credit card. Read the instructions for using the app.


As of 1 January 2020, mobile permits are no longer available. This is due to mobile network operator’s decision not to provide the current service anymore.



Permit terms

Permit terms for the area

  • Permit grants the right to lure fishing (lure and fly, max. 2 flies/rod).
  • The use of barbless hooks is recommended.
  • The use of jigs, Mutu leeches and teaser heads in the area's river waters is prohibited.
  • The use of a landing hook is prohibited.
  • Fly fishing and casting from a boat or canoe is permitted.
  • Paying only the national fisheries management fee or Metsähallitus’ angling permits Northern Ostrobothnia-Kainuu 5411 and Eastern Lapland 3410 do not grant the right to lure fishing in the running waters of this permit area. Hook and line fishing and ice fishing are prohibited in the running waters of the area.

Protected areas:

In Oulankajoki River:

  • Kiutaköngäs rapids; Oulankajoki Bridge - Mataraniemi (Note! The protected area of Kiutaköngäs has been extended downstream to Mataraniemi)
  • Taivalköngäs
  • Mikonmutka; situated at the border of the park upstream of Oulankajoki River from Savilampi.

In Savinajoki River:

  • Saviaavansaari area
  • Roteriuksenmutka area
  • Rupakivi area

The protected areas are marked in the terrain with signs that say Kalastus kielletty (Fishing prohibited).

Catch quotas and catch reports

Day permit  3 graylings
Week permit 2 graylings / day

Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at  All caught and released fish must also be reported.


Catch sizes and protection periods

The following catch sizes and protection periods for fish species are in effect for this permit area:

Fish species Catch Size Protection period
Trout All sizes of fish must be released* Completely protected
Grayling At least 35 cm 1.4.–31.5.**

*If you catch a trout, make a note of whether the fish has an adipose fin before releasing it back to the water, and report the information with your catch report. This feedback tells us whether our trout stocking efforts have been successful.

**During the protection period of grayling fishing is not allowed in the permit area.

Fishers must observe the catch sizes and protection periods mandated in the Fishing Decree for other fish species.

Further information

Fisheries management

Rivers Oulankajoki, Kitkajoki and Kuusinkijoki have been stocked with one-year-old trout since 2005. Planted
fish have been marked by cutting off their adipose fin.


Current information on the water discharge levels in Oulankajoki may be found here.