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Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi 4570

Pond waters in the municipality of Sievi in Northern Ostrobothnia that offer great opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts and other recreational anglers.

Maasydänjärvi is a full-service angling destination for many kinds of fishing and it is located next to a camping area. Fishing at Ahvenlampi is a more rugged experience in the quiet wilderness where the exhilaration of fly fishing can truly be felt. Catch-sized rainbow trout is planted into these ponds in the summer and anglers might also run into a whitefish or two.

New duckboards and two accessible fishing docks have been built at Ahvenlampi in June 2021. The docks are accessible via gravel path which is suitable for a weelchair.

Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi

Recreational fishing (angling)
Calendar year. Fishing at Maasydänjärvi is not allowed between 06/06 00:00 and 08/06 15:00 (Angling Day 2024).
Fly fishing, Casting, Ice fishing, Trolling, Angling
Rainbow trout, Whitefish, Perch, Pike
Catch size fish stocking, Fry stocking of natural fish stocks
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter, Campfire hut, Suitable for people with reduced mobility

Purchasing a permit

In Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi angling permit area, the customer can choose between a 3-hour or 24-hour permit. The prices of angling permits are as follows:

permit validity permit price
3 hours 15 €
24 hours 25 €

Persons under 18 years of age can buy the angling permit at half price.

Persons under 15 years of age may fish under the angling permit and within the fishing quota of an adult belonging to the same party, without needing to purchase an angling permit of their own. 

A family may purchase a family permit, which costs twice as much and has a fishing quota twice as large as an individual angling permit. A family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents or legal guardians as well as married and common-law couples.

Where to purchase A permit


You can pay licences using the most common payment methods in the online store (



Metsähallitus' fishing permits may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.


With the Eräluvat app, you can purchase angling permits easily and quickly. You can pay with a debit or credit card. Read the instructions for using the app.


Permit terms

Permit terms for the area

Calendar year. Fishing at Maasydänjärvi is not allowed between 06/06 00:00 and 08/06 15:00 (Angling Day 2024).

When do you need an angling permit

All visitors fishing in Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi permit area must obtain the 4570 angling permit.

General fishing rights do not apply in Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi. This means that it is prohibited to fish there with a lure under a fisheries management fee as well as fish with a rod and line (hook and line fishing), and through a hole in the ice in wintertime (ice fishing), unless you have purchased the angling permit 4570. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) has issued the decision on restricting general fishing rights.

Purchasing other Metsähallitus' angling permits does not entitle you to fish in Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi permit area.

Regional restrictions

Fishing is prohibited on the beach of Camping Maasydänjärvi.

Fishing gear and bait

An angler may use one (1) rod with a single line when fishing from the shore or from an anchored boat. The rod must be held in the angler’s hand or be within reach at all times (no more than 2 metres away). The rod may not be left alone for fishing.

When trolling lures or flies from a rowboat, an angler may use at maximum two (2) rods, each one with a single line.

When fishing from the ice, one angler can use at maximum two (2) rods, each one with a single line. One of these may be a passive rod (left alone for fishing). The passive rod may be no more than 10 metres away from the angler. To fish from the ice with one active and one passive rod, an angler aged between 18 and 69 years must pay the fisheries management fee.  Fishers who have reached the age of 65 or more by 31 December 2023 are an exception: they do not have to pay the fisheries management fee.

In Lake Maasydänjärvi the angling permit grants the right for lure fishing with lure or fly as well as for hook and line fishing and ice fishing. All types of artificial and natural baits may be used. Feeding the fish or using mash to attract them is prohibited.

Traditional fly fishing from the shore is the only fishing method permitted in Ahvenlampi Pond during the summer.

However, anglers using a wheelchair are allowed to use also spinning rod and hook and line. The use of bait paste and a passive rod (left alone for fishing) are prohibited.

In Ahvenlampi Pond ice fishing without the use of bait paste is allowed in winter time.


The use of a boat or flotation device is permitted in Lake Maasydänjärvi but not in Ahvenlampi Pond. Only electric outboard motors may be used in Lake Maasydänjärvi.

Catch quotas

The maximum number of fish that an angler may catch is indicated in the table below:

permit validity Maximum catch
3 hours 1 rainbow trout
24 hours 3 rainbow trouts

There is no catch quota limit for other fish species.

The 24-hour catch quota cannot be increased by purchasing several permits for the same 24-hour period.

Catch sizes and protection periods

Fishers must observe the catch sizes and protection periods mandated in the Fishing Decree.

Further information

Services in the area

Lake Maasydänjärvi is located in the Maasydän tourism area along the Sievi-Reisjärvi road, approximately 30 km outside of the town of Sievi. Anglers are sure to appreciate the pond's casting piers, campfire sites, lean-to shelter and smoking station.

The road leading to Ahvenlampi Pond is not maintained during winter.

Accessible fishing spots

There are two accessible fishing docks at Ahvenlampi and an accessible gravel path between the docks and a parking lot.

Fisheries management

Catch-sized rainbow trout plantings in the summer in Lake Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi Pond. 

Lake Maasydänjärvi and Ahvenlampi Pond are stocked with one-summer old whitefish fry in the autumn.