Langinkoski 7581

This angling permit area covers the lowermost rapids section of the Langinkoski branch of Kymijoki River. It is situated within the Langinkoski nature preserve in the immediate vicinity of the city centre of Kotka, by the fishing lodge built for Emperor Alexander III of Russia. Langinkoski offers anglers culturally significant landscapes and the best chance in Southern Finland to catch large sea trout with a fly. 

Combine culture and fishing – travel to Langinkoski to catch sea trout and salmon using flies and then pay a visit to Emperor Alexander III's fishing lodge, which today serves as a museum. 


Recreational fishing (angling)
1.1–30.9. and 1.12.–31.12.
Fly fishing
Sea salmon, Trout, Whitefish, Rainbow trout, Grayling, Asp
Natural fish stock, Fry stocking of natural fish stocks

Buying a license

The rapids have an 8 angler quota, so make sure there are permits available before leaving home! 

Permits become available on 3.1.2019 at 9 am.


  • €20 / 6 hours (permit can begin at midnight, 6 AM, noon or 6 PM) 
  • €25 / 12 hours (permit can begin at midnight, 6 AM, noon or 6 PM) 
  • €35 / day (the day permit always begins at 6 PM) 
  • Reserving the entire rapids: €160 / 6 hours, €200 / 12 hours and €280 / day. For each additional person (over the 8 person quota) + €20 / 6 hours, €25 / 12 hours and €35 / day. Reserving the entire rapids = reserving the entire angler quota in one go. 
  • Reservations for groups larger than 8 persons can only be made via the Eräluvat service number. 

Groups may reserve the entire rapids so that the maximum number of anglers is 15 persons (= 15 separate names), all of whom pay €35 / day. The group leader must be able to provide a list of names of all group members to a fishing supervisor on request. Even if a group has fewer than 8 anglers, the price of the group permit is €200 (equivalent to 8 anglers). 

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50% discount on the permits. 

When reserving a permit, all persons who are to participate in the fishing must be named. 


You can buy licences directly from the online store and pay using the
most common payment methods.



Metsähallitus' fishing licences may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.


Licensens remaining / free days
  • Several remaining
  • Less than 5 left
  • Out of stock

Licence terms

Regional licensing terms

1.1–30.9. and 1.12.–31.12.
  • Fishing is only permitted using flies and traditional fly fishing tackle.
  • All fishing in the area requires the Langinkoski angling permit (7581). The angling permit for Southern Finland (7413) issued by Metsähallitus does not grant the right to fish in the waters of the permit area. The general fishing rights that allow hook and line fishing and ice fishing do not apply to the waters of the area. Paying the fisheries management fee does not grant one the right to lure fish at this destination. 
  • The use of lures and natural baits (including bait paste, etc.) is prohibited.
  • The Kymijoki River has native salmon and sea trout populations. To protect these populations, catching native fish (= fish with their adipose fin intact) is prohibited. There are no plantings at Langinkoski Rapids, but other sections of the Kymijoki River are stocked with migratory fry of salmon and sea trout (= fish without adipose fins).
  • The use of a boat is prohibited.

Catch quotas

6 hour permit 1 planted salmonid (without adipose fin) or grayling 
12 hour permit 1 planted salmonid (without adipose fin) or grayling 
Day permit 1 planted salmonid (without adipose fin) or grayling 


No catch quota for rainbow trout or whitefish. 

Caught and released fish do not count towards the catch quota, yet you must include them in your catch report. 

Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at, or enter it into the catch report book at the rapids. All caught and released fish must also be reported.

Catching a salmon or trout with an intact adipose fin is prohibited. All salmon, trout and whitefish must be released back into the river immediately and unharmed between 1.9.– 30.9. and 1.12.–31.5. As an exception to this, anglers may take a clear-sided migratory trout out of the river between 1.12.–31.5. 

Catch sizes

  • Planted salmon without adipose fin 60 cm. Salmon is protected between 1.9.–30.11. 
  • Brown trout without adipose fin 60 cm. Brown trout is protected between 1.9.–30.11.
  • Grayling 40 cm. Grayling is protected between 1.4.–31.5.
  • Pike-perch 42 cm

Extra information


  • Services of the city of Kotka.
  • There is a villa built for Alexander III of Russia in the immediate vicinity of the rapids. During the summer it serves as a museum.

Fisheries management

The number of natural fry in the river is annually followed with the help of electrofishing and smolt screw traps. Slight improvement has been observed in the side channels. Kymijoki is stocked with migratory fry of salmon and sea trout that have had their adipose fin cut.

Current information on the water discharge levels in the Langinkoski branch may be found here.