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Waters administered by Metsähallitus are divided into permit areas. Some of these areas are small river- and lake-specific angling destinations while others are larger waterways. You may fish in a certain permit area, provided that you have the angling permit for that area. In other words, the permit must be acquired separately for each permit area. You can check the allowed fishing methods and other area-specific rules and regulations from the permit terms of the desired area. You can read the permit terms for each permit area on their individual websites.

If you are fishing with a single rod, the fisheries management fee will be sufficient even in some of Metsähallitus's angling permit areas. However, Metsähallitus's fishing destinations are usually running and rapids sections of waters with migratory fish stocks or protected areas, where fishing requires both a fisheries management fee and an angling permit. If you are fishing with more than one rod, you will always need an area-specific angling permit in addition to the fisheries management fee.

The use of more than one rod (e.g., in trolling) is possible certain permit areas, including the following: 2410 Western Lapland, 3410 Eastern Lapland, 5411 Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, 7412 Sea areas and 7413 Southern Finland. Each permit area website specifies how many rods may be used in that area.

Several angling permit areas are home to especially valuable native or stocked fish, such as trout, grayling, char or rainbow trout. The services in and around these special destinations are also often more comprehensive than those found in other fishing areas. These destinations might have free wilderness cabins, campfire sites, lean-to shelters, suspension bridges, trails, duckboards and piers for the anglers to enjoy and use. Some of the special destinations have been purposefully preserved as natural wilderness destinations.

The purchase of a permit is an investment in nature, as the proceeds are used for the management of Finland's fishing waters. 

Purchasing information

The permits available, their prices and points of sale vary from permit area to permit area. Each permit area website specifies what type of permit may be purchased for the area, its price and where it can be purchased.

Depending on the area, permits ranging from 3 hours to an entire season are sold for permit areas. The table below lists special permits available for some Metsähallitus permit areas.

Special permit What is special?
Person under 18 years of age Permits are usually half price.
Person under 15 years of age In many permit areas, a person under 15 years of age may fish in a party with an adult under the adult's angling permit, with the same fishing quota.
Family permit Costs twice as much and has a fishing quota twice as large as an individual angling permit. A family consists of children under 18 years of age and their parents/legal guardians as well as married and common-law couples.

Angling permit prices vary from permit area to permit area. Check prices on the website for each permit area.

Angling permits may be purchased on the online store or by calling the service number:


With the Eräluvat app, you can purchase angling permits easily and quickly. You can pay with a debit or credit card. Read the instructions for using the app.


Metsähallitus' permits may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. 


Angling permits may often be purchased from a local permit sales point. Sales points (if any) are specified in the permit area site description.


As of 1 January 2020, mobile permits are no longer available. This is due to mobile network operator’s decision not to provide the current service anymore.

Prior to purchasing an angling permit, you should read the Metsähallitus terms of purchase and cancellation for permits. 

Frequently asked questions about fishing

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