Self-Guided Tours for Fishers

Mon 14 Aug 2017 10:55:00 AM EEST

Two new self-guided touring routes have been published by Visit Finland and Metsähallitus. "A Fishing Tour of Blue Finland" and "Land of a Thousand Lakes for Fishers" are perfect for those hoping to combine fishing and sight-seeing.

Blue Finland tour takes you in 12 days from the shores of the Baltic sea through Lake District all the way to the rapids in eastern borderlands - and back. Land of a Thousand Lakes is a 8-day fishing trip to the scenic highlights of the Lake District.

Itineraries are available at
A Fishing Tour of Blue Finland - Experience a Land of Water, the Baltic Sea, Finnish Lakeland and Wild White Waters (12 days)
Land of a Thousand Lakes Touring Route for Fishers (8 days)

To find out when you need to pay the national fisheries management fee and where you also need a separate fishing permit, please visit