For the first time, Metsähallitus wilderness supervision has monitored the results of its work in real time throughout the year. The new system reveals that 368 people violated the law while in nature, and 169 people were caught without necessary permits.

In 2022, Game and Fisheries Wardens and Rangers inspected some 10,000 visitors to state-owned areas. Most of them were fishers and hunters, but wilderness supervision also inspected hikers and supervised off-road traffic.

More than one hundred cases led to fine requests, 44 to fixed fines and 42 cases were reported as offences. The others got away with a remark.

‘The need for wilderness supervision is constantly increasing. The popularity of hunting, fishing and hiking has clearly increased in recent years. Many don't remember to obtain the necessary permits or behave responsibly,’ says Director of Wildlife Service Finland Jukka Bisi.

Wilderness supervision was once again busiest in the summer and autumn. Thousands of wilderness visitors and other nature visitors were inspected monthly. Fishermen and hikers are busy in the summer, while hunters are busy in the autumn. Wilderness supervision inspected some 3100 fishermen or their catches and 3,500 hunters.

More detailed information on new phenomena revealed in supervision will be collected in an annual wilderness supervision report. It will be published in early 2023.

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Director of Wildlife Service Finland, Jukka Bisi, Metsähallitus

Game and Fisheries Manager, Jussi Viitanen , Metsähallitus