Metsähallitus recommends the fisheries management fee as an environmentally friendly Christmas gift

Mon 09 Dec 2019 04:00:00 AM EET

If you intend to fish in Finland and you are between the ages of 18 and 64, you must pay the fisheries management fee. Payment of this fee is not required if you are only ice fishing, hook and line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. As Christmas approaches, Metsähallitus would like to remind people that, in contrast to a material gift, the fisheries management fee is not a burden on nature but an investment in the well-being of nature, people and society. Proceeds from the fee are used, for example, to manage fishing waters and fish stocks.

For a fisher, the fisheries management fee is a gift that enhances well-being. Domestic fish is a healthy food choice and recommendations encourage people to eat fish regularly. According to a Metsähallitus study, fishing increases physical activity in nature, improves fitness and relaxes the mind. A shared fishing trip also increases social well-being. The fisheries management fee has a direct impact on the well-being of nature at sites where the proceeds are used. The proceeds are used to plan and implement the sustainable use and management of fishing waters, monitor fishing activities, provide advisory services, fund activities in fisheries areas and pay owner compensation. The importance of the fisheries management fee to society can be seen in the areas of public health and employment. Fishing as a hobby increases demand for a wide range of services at fishing destinations.

There are suitable fisheries management fee alternatives for both active and occasional fishers. The 45-euro annual fee is perfect for people who fish several times during the year. Metsähallitus also sends a copy of the Suomu fishing magazine to everyone who has paid the annual fee. Other payment options include a 15-euro fee that is valid for one week of fishing and a 6-euro fee for one day.

The fisheries management fee is a good gift idea for an environmentally aware person even if they don’t fish. It’s also a great surprise gift for someone who is just learning to fish:

“A 1-day fishing permit allows an enthusiastic fisher to introduce a partner or friend to the hobby while on a hiking trip. A 1-week permit is a great idea for family members who spend short periods of time together at a cottage,” suggests project manager Mika Laakkonen from Metsähallitus.

The 2020 fisheries management fee can be purchased from the Metsähallitus web shop at, by calling the service number 020 69 2424, and at nature centres and R kiosks throughout the country. You can print out a gift card from the web shop to wrap around the payment receipt that fishers must always carry with them when fishing.


Further information
Project Manager Mika Laakkonen, Metsähallitus, 040 5897559