Daily permits for gamefowl hunting will be sold on a gradual, regional basis beginning on Monday 10 June 2019 at 9.00 am. The regional quotas are available now.

Metsähallitus’ permit sale process will be implemented in two parts. To allow hunters to plan their trips early, part of the permits will be sold in June. More permits will be made available in August, and the number of new permits will be based on the game surveys that will be conducted between July and August. This will allow the maximum number of permits to follow the gamefowl population for each year. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry reserves the right to set limits for hunting seasons. Any possible limits will be confirmed in August.

See the quotas for the June sales period (PDF, 66 kb, in Finnish) >

When can I purchase a permit?

Permit sales will begin on a gradual basis at week 24. Sales start in the morning at 9.00 am.

  • Mon 10 June Regions in Southern, Western and Eastern Finland
  • Tue 11 June Salla, Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi, Sodankylä, Kemijärvi
  • Wed 12 June Ostrobothnia and Kainuu
  • Thu 13 June Keminmaa, Kittilä, Kolari, Muonio, Pello, Rovaniemi, Ranua, Simo, Tervola, Ylitornio, Posio
  • Fri 14 June Enontekiö, Inari, Utsjoki

The sale of other small game licences (for waterfowl, hares, beavers, small predators) will begin on Monday 17 June 2019.

Gamefowl permits will be available within the provided quotas until 15 August 2019. After this, the final permit quotas will be updated on the basis of the results of the game surveys and the hunting seasons set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Permit sales will resume on Monday 26 August 2019.

Where are permits sold?

You can purchase permits on the Eräluvat online shop and by phone at +358 20 69 2424 (weekdays, 9 am − 4 pm).

How many permits will be sold?

The quotas that will be available for purchase are based on the quotas for last autumn. Around half of the gamefowl permit quota for last autumn will be made available in June. See the quotas for the June sales period (PDF, 66 kb, in Finnish) >

The final number of permit days can be planned when the results of the summer’s game triangle survey have been released. The number of permit days that will be available will be based on the size of the hunting area, the gamefowl density of the previous autumn season, and the hunting rights of local hunters as is specified in section 8 of the Hunting Act.

For what period of time will the permits be available?

The permits that will be made available in June will be sold only for the period of 10 September − 10 October 2019, as it cannot determined at this point whether the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will limit the end half of the hunting season.

For how many days can I purchase permits? Will I need to pay for my permits immediately?

On the online shop, you can reserve permits for up to 7 days. On the phone service line, you can use one call to reserve permits for yourself and up to 9 other people for up to 7 days per person.

The due date for permits that have been reserved online and by phone is 15 August 2019. The due date is in the middle of August so that any unpaid permits can be made available during the August sales period.

You can also pay for your permits immediately on the online shop, which will thus allow you to bypass the seven-day maximum.

What will happen to any unpaid permits?

Any unpaid permits that have been reserved on the online shop will be cancelled automatically after the due date and made available to other buyers.

Permits that have been reserved by phone will not be considered cancelled if they are left unpaid, and the person who reserved the permits must cancel their reservation by notifying customer services by 15 August 2019.

What information do I need to present to purchase a permit?

You will need to provide your hunter numer, name, address and date of birth when purchasing a permit both on the online shop and by phone. It is possible to buy a permit also without the hunter number. However, it speeds up the process when purchasing a permit by phone. If you are also purchasing a permit for another person, please make sure that their information is available to you as well.

During the next season, Metsähallitus’ small game licences will also be displayed on the Oma riista service. Please note that these licences will only be transferred to Oma riista if you log in to your Eräluvat webshop account with your Oma riista username OR you provide your hunter number when purchasing your licence or permit. If you are purchasing licences or permits for other people and they would like to have them be visible on their Oma riista profile, you will also need their hunter numbers.

We also recommend that you check our purchase and cancellation policy  and permit policy in advance.

If you are planning to use the online shop, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Do I need to register with the online shop to purchase a permit?

You do not need to register with the online shop. However, we recommend registering and creating your own account, as this will allow you to view any permits that you have purchased after you have made your purchase.

Further information: Eräluvat service number +358 20 69 2424 (weekdays, 9 am − 4 pm)