Lake Inarijärvi 1580

Lake Inarijärvi is a great destination especially for trolling enthusiasts and anglers looking to catch some grayling. Trout and char should be looked for near the sharply deepening shores with the help of a fishfinder and a nautical chart. Grayling is spread across the entire lake. The best grayling spots are the rocky shallows near the shores and the surroundings of the lake's numerous islands. Grayling is most often found at depths of under 2 metres.

Whitefish is a common catch when fly fishing, although it can also be tricked with a spinner. The perch stock of the southern part of Lake Inarijärvi has grown stronger in recent years. The best ice fishing spots are located in Jokisuunselkä where the perch waters begin a few hundred metres out of the Veskoniemi fish harbour. Char can be pulled out of the ice anywhere on the lake. When trying to catch char, it is best to fish in relatively deep waters (at depths of 10 to 20 metres).

Lake Inarijärvi

Recreational fishing (angling)
Calendar year.
Trolling, Ice fishing, Casting, Fly fishing
Trout, Arctic char, Grayling, Whitefish, Perch, Pike, Landlocked Salmon
Natural fish stock, Fry stocking of natural fish stocks
Campfire site, Lean-to shelter, Own boat, Boat launching, Cottage, Accessible for the disabled

Buying a license

  • €8 / 3 h
  • €10 / day
  • €35 / week
  • €50 / calendar year

All persons under 18 years of age receive a 50% discount on the permits and persons under 15 years of age are allowed to share the same fishing quota, with the permission of their parent or legal guardian. The family permit costs twice as much and its fishing quota is twice as large.


You can buy licences directly from the online store and pay using the
most common payment methods.



Metsähallitus' fishing licences may also be purchased by phone. The service is open on
weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.




Mobile permits are not available for this destination.



Sodankylä: Neste Lompolontie (service station), Urheilu Harjus Sportia (sporting goods store)
Saariselkä: Service Point Kiehinen
Kaamanen: Kaamasen Kievari (restaurant)
Hietajoki/Partakko: Hietajoki Camping


Licence terms

Regional licensing terms

Calendar year.
  • Once you have finished fishing, you must submit a catch report at All caught and released fish must also be reported.
  • The use of a bait fish in hook & line fishing, ice fishing or lure fishing is absolutely forbidden in the municipalities of Upper Lapland (Inari, Utsjoki, Enontekiö) as per a Decree from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (no. 1376/2004, 31.12.2004).
  • By decision of the Inari Fishing Area all fishing is prohibited between 1.9.–30.11. in the Nuoransuuselkä area marked on the permit map.
  • As per decision of the Inari Fishing Area, to protect spawning, Arctic char (salvelinus alpinus) is protected in the Inari municipality and in Lake Inarinjärvi between 15 September and 30 November. More information on the fishing regulations of the Inari Fishing Area is available at
  • Before fishing in waters that run into the Arctic Ocean, one must disinfect all fishing gear to prevent the spreading of the parasite gyrodactylys salaris.
  • Fishing gear brought in from outside of Ylä-Lappi (Upper Lapland) must be absolutely dry as they arrive or they must be disinfected at a disinfection station.
  • Disinfection stations: There are 15 permit vendors with a disinfection station in the Tenojoki area. In Inari the station is situated in the fish harbour.

Further information:

Ivalo Service Point, tel. +358 206 39 7701
Siida Nature Centre, Inari, tel. +358 206 39 7740.

Catch quotas

  • 3 salmonids / day
  • Salmonids: Brown trout, Arctic char, Freshwater trout
  • Char is protected between 15.9.–30.11.

Catch sizes

  • All forms of brown trout 50 cm
  • Freshwater trout 60 cm
  • Arctic char 45 cm
  • Lake trout 40 cm
  • Grayling 30 cm

Extra information


The lake has two rental cabins and several wilderness cabins and campfire sites. In the winter there are marked snowmobile trails. The lake also has great sights such as Ukonkivi (Ukko's Rock), Hautuumaasaari Island and the Korkia-Maura Ice Cave.

Other services in the area:

Inari Saariselkä Resort