If the habitats that fish live in are not in order, there is not going to be anything to catch. We maintain and care for the habitats of fish species both inside nature preserves and in so-called multi-purpose waters. 

Metsähallitus experts have planned and participated in dozens of projects where stream waters have been renovated and restored to be closer to their natural state by creating new spawning grounds, for example. The restoration of natural woods on the banks of wilderness streams is already a daily part of forestry work. 

Members of our game and fisheries staff serve as experts in projects promoting fish migration. The fish passage in the Kostonjoki River in Taivalkoski was a milestone operation for Metsähallitus. 

Metsähallitus' work on habitat renovation is directed by such documents as water pollution control plans (Ministry of the Environment) and action plans, renovation strategy for water areas, protection and renovation strategy for small waters and the National Fish Passage Strategy.

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