The Finnish Fishing Act and Fishing Decree set a framework for crayfishing in Finland.

The annual crayfishing season begins at noon on 21 July and ends on 31 October. European crayfish and signal crayfish are protected species outside of the crayfishing season. 

Metsähallitus has conducted licensed transfer plantings of European crayfish almost annually with the purpose of restoring European crayfish stocks that have been decimated by the crayfish pest or creating completely new stocks in new water areas. Metsähallitus does not stock waters with signal crayfish, as it is an invasive species. 

The successful management of crayfish stocks requires adequate information on their current state. The success of stocking activities and the development of the stocks are monitored via exploratory crayfishing. The catch feedback collected from these fishing tests and also from crayfishers themselves allows Metsähallitus to scale crayfishing to a sustainable level at each crayfishing destination.