The goal of Metsähallitus' fisheries management is to safeguard and reinforce Finland's natural and domestic fish and crayfish stocks. All efforts taken by Metsähallitus aim to ensure that the spawning conditions of fish species in our fishing waters keep improving into the future and that the opportunities for fishing will always be there for fishers to enjoy. 

Catch feedback collected from anglers plays a central role in fisheries management. A catch report can be easily sent to Metsähallitus via the service. By making a catch report, each fisher actively participates in the development of fishing and fishing waters. The more reports are submitted, the better we understand how fishing is conducted in Finland and what needs to be improved in our fisheries.

Fisheries management is often mistakenly thought to consist only of fish plantings, but it actually comprises of a multitude of methods for affecting fish stocks and their habitats. Supporting and reviving valuable fish stocks may be based on renovating their living environments, removing obstacles to fish migration or the extensive fishing of less valued species to correct the structure of the fish stock.

Fishing-related matters are administrative duties, which means Metsähallitus does not make a profit on the sale of fishing permits.